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Parish of Water Orton

Notice is hereby given that due to the resignations of Ralph Coldrick and Susan Kelley, two vacancies have arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council.

If by 1st October 2019 (14 days excluding Dies Non, after the date of this notice) a request for an election to fill said vacancies is made in writing to the Returning Officer at the address below by TEN electors for the said Parish, an election will be held to fill the said vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

If an election is called, it will take place not later than 4th December 2019.

Dated 11th September, 2019

Steve Maxey

Returning Officer
The Council House
South Street





Welcome to Water Orton Parish Council website

As a Parish Council, still traditional in many ways, we appreciate that many of our parishioners may prefer to browse online. We hope that those of you who do find this website informative and useful.

The Parish council work as a team bringing to the table a diverse, enthusiastic and common approach. We are a local authority who can make decisions on behalf of the people in the Parish. We all have different skills and attitudes. It is these range of skills which contribute to a Parish Council who aim to do the best we can with the interest of the village at heart.

Through monthly meetings, agendas placed on our noticeboards, local issues may be raised and discussed. As a volunteer we may also have full time demanding roles however do the best we can to follow up any matters which may arise from the council meetings whether it be around planning, traffic, allotments or sign posting to other departments within the borough or County Council who may be able to assist with enquiries.

Our pavilion open space, the green and play equipment are part of our community which we do our best to take care of. We may also take on extra roles within our role as a Parish Councillor and through these we aim to work in collaboration with the borough and county council, also seeking guidance and support from our local Police officers.

As a Parish Council we have limited powers to make decisions however working in partnership with others we can negotiate some decisions which maybe out of our control.

Meeting Dates

The following dates are set for Parish Council Meetings for 2019/20.

Please note that there is no meeting in September nor December.

  • June 26th 2019
  • July 31st 2019
  • August 28th 2019
  • October 9th 2019
  • November 27th 2019
  • January 22nd 2020
  • February 26th 2020
  • March 25th 2020
  • April 29th 2020
  • May 20th 2020 – Annual Parish Meeting
  • May 27th 2020 – Annual Parish Council Meeting

The parish council meetings take place on the last Wednesday of the month except for December when there is no meeting.

The meetings are held at the Pavillion located adjacent to the Playing Fields.  They start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated and members of the public and press are welcome to attend.

There is a public forum of 15 minutes prior to the start of the official meeting when the public can raise any concerns they may have. If anyone has a specific item which will require a decision from the council they must contact the parish clerk seven days before the meeting takes place so that it can be added to the agenda.

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