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Financial Information


Accounts Summary to 19th April 2023



Please be advised that the accounts below for 2022/23 are as yet unaudited.

Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23 Form3 signed non-accessible document

Due to the legislative requirement to have wet-ink signatures on the AGAR forms, the above document does not comply with our website accessibility requirements. An un-signed digital copy of the AGAR form is provided below as an alternative that meets the accessibility requirements.

Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23 Form3 – un-signed accessible copy

Annual Internal Audit Report 2022-23 (non-accessible)

Supplementary Document Annual Governance Statement 2022-23


The Notice of Public rights will be announced on 4th June, the period of public rights will be from 5th June 2023 until 14th July 2023.

Expenditure over £100 2022-23 – excluding staffing costs due to GDPR

Bank Reconciliation Statement to 31.03.23

Asset Register 31.03.23

RESTATED Asset Register 31.03.2022

Accounts 2020-21

June 28, 2021|

The annual accounts and audit for 2020-21 for Water Orton Parish Council can be downloaded and viewed using the following [...]


July 17, 2020|Tags: |

Annual Governance Statement Notice of conclusion of audit 31st March 2020. Document can be viewed or downloaded here.

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