The parish clerk received this request for volunteers in our community to take part in a survey related to having a better understanding of Covid-19.  If you wish to take part please follow the link below.

Dr Richard Clarke works on a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded research project based at the University of Southampton. We’re looking to recruit members of the public to take part in a large-scale survey on the preventative behaviours people are taking to avoid catching COVID-19 and the long-term effect of those that have suffered from COVID-19 during the pandemic.

To make our findings as meaningful as possible, we are hoping to get a broad range of participants from across the UK. As such, local parish councils seemed, to us at least, to be a good way to reach people that we wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

Help us to better understand COVID-19

Have you changed your day-to-day life to prevent you, or a loved one, from catching the Coronavirus? If so, we would like to know how and if you think your actions worked.

Have you become ill with Coronavirus or Coronavirus-like symptoms since the pandemic started? If so, we would like to know the treatments you have tried and if you think they helped.

To help beat COVID-19, take part in a survey by the University of Southampton – please click here:

To thank you for your participation between now and March 2021 we are awarding over 50 vouchers (ranging from £5 to £500) as prizes to be won.
See the survey for further details.