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Water Orton Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Well, let’s get the legal stuff out of the way first! The Localism Act provides a statutory regime for neighbourhood planning. The National Planning Policy Framework states:

“Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and deliver the sustainable development that they need. Parishes and neighbourhood forums can use neighbourhood planning to:

  • Set planning policies through neighbourhood plans to determine decisions on planning applications, and …
  • Grant planning permission through Neighborhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders for specific development which complies with the order”

Essentially, it is our opportunity to shape Water Orton to our needs and wishes. Think “what do I want Water Orton to look like in 2035?”, the Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity to shape it now! Water Orton Parish Council are asking for volunteers to help develop the plan.

When faced with the question “what do I want Water Orton to look like in 2035?” most people in Water Orton would say ‘no change’, but is this actually correct? ‘No change’ means no change to the parking around the shops, no change to the station building, no say on what will be built on the old school site, how many of these new homes will be ‘affordable’, do we have enough trees? It is, perhaps, reasonable to expect that the way we live our lives will be different in 2035; this is our opportunity to think about the future and plan our environment to make it even more pleasant for us.

What does this mean for me?

Producing the plan will not be an easy process, there are formal consultation periods that need to be adhered to. The total time to produce the plan will be at least a year!

Water Orton Parish Council have taken the first step in the process by declaring our designation of the neighbourhood area and formally informing North Warwickshire Borough Council that we are developing our plan.

Water Orton is a diverse community and our buildings reflect this diversity. Developing a plan just based around ‘Old Water Orton’ may not be appropriate for ‘Smiths Way’ or ‘White City’. Consequently, the Water Orton boundary has been subdivided to enable greater resolution of the needs and wants in particular areas. This detail is shown in the map below. Please do not read this to say that you are only able to comment on the section that you live, we are seeking the view of all Water Orton residents on all of Water Orton.

Over the next twelve months, there will be ‘drop-in’ sessions and questionnaires that will be available to everyone who lives, works, or even drives through Water Orton. This is your opportunity to shape the plan, please make a positive contribution. The major consultation period will start in January 2020

The Neighbourhood Plan will be a considerable amount of work and Water Orton Parish Council are looking for volunteers from each of the sections in the map below to act as local points of contact and to form a steering group for the plan.

If you are interested please contact Daphne Robinson at

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