Neighbourhood Plan

Water Orton Neighbourhood Plan

Water Orton Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted by North Warwickshire Borough Council in June 2022 following a local referendum and now forms part of the Development Plan for North Warwickshire

Water Orton Neighbourhood Plan Adopted June 2022 

Page 5 of the Neighbourhood Plan states that this document will be reviewed and amended as appropriate at the Annual Parish Assembly. However the actual decision to revise a neighbourhood plan, and subsequent actions to achieve this, can only be done by neighbourhood plan qualifying bodies, for Water Orton this is the Parish Council. The Neighbourhood Plan can only be amended by the Local Planning Authority (North Warwickshire Borough Council) the process to do this is outlined in the below document: 

Neighbourhood Planning – After the Neighbourhood Plan is made (NB: This link will take you to an external website)

Neighbourhood Plans

Water Orton Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by the community working together to decide how our local area should develop and grow in the future.

A Neighbourhood Plan gives local people a chance to create a planning document that guides and shapes development in their local area, and to influence what facilities are provided in the area as a result. The plans are about local issues rather than strategic planning issues, but must take account of national planning rules and be in general conformity with the existing adopted planning framework for North Warwickshire

Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Act provides a statutory regime for neighbourhood planning. The National Planning Policy Framework states:

“Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and deliver the sustainable development that they need. Parishes and neighbourhood forums can use neighbourhood planning to:

  • Set planning policies through neighbourhood plans to determine decisions on planning applications, and …
  • Grant planning permission through Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders for specific development which complies with the order”