Parish Council Meetings during the COVID-19 crisis

As you are aware gatherings and meetings are not permitted during the lockdown however council business needs to be carried out as normal as possible. The government passed legislation on Friday 4th April 2020 permitting remote meetings for town and parish councils. Water Orton Parish Council wish to ensure that the public and press have access to these meetings and have agreed the following steps so that this is possible:

The agenda will be issued on the Wednesday before the meeting date.
Meetings will be available through Zoom. Details to access the meeting will be displayed on the agenda.

If you have any queries please contact the clerk by email:

Meeting of the Parish Council 25th April 2024 – Agenda & Documents

2024-04-20T00:15:43+00:00April 20, 2024|

Summons Agenda-25 April 2024.1 (Appendix 1)-Draft Minutes.28.03.2024.1 (Appendix 2)-Water Orton Annual Parish Gathering - Update ( Appendix 3 )-Agenda Item Reporting Sheet-Water Orton Football Club.1 (Appendix 3a)- Copy email from Water Orton United Football Club.1 (Appendix 3b)-Copy email from Water Orton United Football Club.1 (Appendix 4)-Agenda Item Reporting Sheet-Orchard Nurseries-Donation [...]

Meeting of the Parish Council 29th February 2024 – Agenda & Documents

2024-02-28T00:39:02+00:00February 23, 2024|

Public Agenda-29 February 2024 (Appendix 1)Flooding Report (Appendix 2) Draft-Minutes 30.11.2023_ (Appendix 3) Draft Minutes.25.01.2024 (Appendix 4) WO Annual Village Gathering 2024 (For Councillors Information Only) (Appendix 4a) Access to Park Playing Field at the St Blaise Road-Vicarage Lane (Appendix 4a) Response to Martin Watson (Appendix 5)-Agenda Item-24.26 (Appendix 6) [...]

Meeting of the Parish Council – 25th January – Agenda & Documents

2024-01-25T11:45:38+00:00January 19, 2024|

Public Agenda. 25.01.2024.1 Summons Agenda. (Appendix 1)-Draft-Minutes-30.11.23_ (Appendix 2) Draft Finance Committee Minutes.04.01.2024.1 (Appendix 3) Agendan Item-Access to Park-Playing Fields  (Appendix 3a) Email from Cllr Nattasha Freeman to Cllr Martin Watson (Appendix 3b)-Response to Martin Watson. County Highways 27.11.23 ( Appendix 4) Report -St Thomas Dole (Appendix 5) Email-HeritageCultural Society.12.12.2023 [...]

Agenda – Full Council Meeting – 28th September 2023

2023-09-27T00:13:20+00:00September 23, 2023|

Meeting Documents Full Council 28th September 2023 (zip file) NOTICE OF A MEETING OF WATER ORTON PARISH COUNCIL   To be held at the Pavilion, Openfield Croft, at 7:00pm on Thursday 28th September 2023   Members of the public and the press are welcome to attend.   21st September 2023 [...]

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