A message from Balfour Beatty VINCI / HS2 about Chattle Hill Structure Design:

BBV/HS2 have some upcoming KDE (Key Design Elements) engagement within Water Orton that we would encourage as many people to take a part in as possible. We have classified certain structures or parts of the railway as “Key Design Elements” (KDE), including the Chattle Hill Structure. This means it is important for us to involve the local community in the design. To do this:

We are running an engagement webinar on the 8th July to outline aspects of the design, the areas of design the community can have an impact on and to allow residents to ask questions; residents can sign up to attend this event here: https://www.hs2.org.uk/events/river-cole-viaducts-chattle-hill-structure-kdes-key-design-elements-webinar/

We are delivering engagement booklets to residents in Water Orton to outline the design of the Key Design Element. This will also provide information of the design of the structures and where the community can impact the design.

Following this, residents can share their views of their design preferences within the questionnaire that is delivered, or online here: Chattle Hill Structure – Key Design Element Engagement Questionnaire, June 2021 (smartsurvey.co.uk)

Those who are receiving the booklets in the post will have a free pre-paid envelope with the address already on to return the questionnaire.

Click here to view Chattle Hill Structure Design June 2021 Booklet