Extraordinary Meeting 13th March 2019


In the chair: Cllr. Coldrick

Present: Cllrs: Chown, Foley, Triplett, Stuart, Kelley, K. Hodkinson, D. Hodkinson

In attendance:

Daphne Robinson – Parish Clerk

10 members of the public


Public participation:

Resident Mr. Stuart Wootton of Hill Crescent Farm advised the council of his concerns regarding the planning application for Hill Crest Birmingham Road, re the erection of a substantial glass house. He explained his business is a farm which provides health, social and an educational service for a range of vulnerable groups of people. It helps to increase people’s appreciation and understanding of the natural environment in a tranquil countryside setting. He raised concerns that the proposed plans would increase traffic, noise pollution which would have a detrimental impact on the whole purpose of his business. The council confirmed that they would consider the plans at the next meeting and put forward any comments raised to the planning office at NWBC.

Resident Toni Harrison suggested that it would be helpful to the community if the council engaged in using social media so that people who were unable to attend meetings could still be informed on council business. Cllr. Coldrick advised that he had been very disappointed with the animosity targeted at the council on social media and found many remarks unhelpful. He said there is an official forum which is the council website. Cllr Coldrick thanked Mr Bevan for his polite email regarding the precept.

Resident Mr Ken Pattern voiced his concerns relating to the increase on the precept of 18.1% for 2019/20 and asked for the council to give reasons as to why this had happened. Cllr. Coldrick explained that he was responsible for the error as he believed that the precept for 2017/18 had been £65,763 when it had in fact been £55,000. He apologised for the error and that the extra money would be spent within the community. He said he would be asking residents for suggestions on how best they feel this money could be spent.

The clerk read out a prepared statement explaining that the council had been in crisis for many months and that the council accounts were not up to date. She confirmed that as the responsible financial officer she would be concentrating on bringing the current financial year accounts up to date as soon as possible. She explained that to do this she had taken advice from WALC and would be asking the council to fund an internal auditor recommended by WALC, to assist her.

  1. Apologies for absence and reasons given

None, all members were present

  1. Declaration of interests and Dispensations

There were no declarations of interest or requests for dispensation received.

  1. Cllr. Stuart asked if it would be possible to publish repair costs when play equipment etc. is vandalised so that residents are aware of the costs involved. Cllr. Coldrick believed this to be a good idea.
  1. To Resolve to remove the previous clerk and signatories from the bank mandate and replace with the new clerk’s details and appoint new signatories.

It was Proposed by Cllr D. Hodkinson Seconded by Cllr Kelley and Resolved (unanimously) to remove the previous clerk and signatories from the bank mandate.

It was Proposed by Cllr K Hodkinson Seconded by Cllr Stuart and Resolved (unanimously) to add the newly appointed clerk’s details and appoint Cllrs. Coldrick, D. Hodkinson, Chown as signatories to the new bank mandate.

  1. To advise that the work on the pavilion car park would be delayed and to agree the deadline for quotes to be submitted by contractors.

Cllr. Coldrick explained that the clerk had advised that the tender for the contract for the work required on the pavilion car park would have to be delayed. The reason for this was due to the council not having followed the EU legislation implemented in February 2015 where contracts exceeding £25,000 have to be posted on the government Contract Finder website. It was agreed that the notice would be posted with a deadline of 30 days from the date the notice was published on Contract Finder.

  1. To agree for the clerk’s hours to be increased to 25 hours per week for 3 months to enable her to clear the backlog of council business.

Proposed by Cllr. Stuart, Seconded by Cllr. Triplett and Resolved (unanimously) to increase the clerk’s hours to 25 hours per week for 3 months.

The Meeting Closed at 8.45pm