In the chair:  Cllr, Coldrick

Present:  Cllrs. Chown, Triplett, Robinson, Kelley, Lee, D Hodkinson, N Bevan, O’Meara


In attendance:

Daphne Robinson – Clerk   11 members of the public

Public Forum

A resident asked if the council were aware of which trees in the village had Trees Preservation Orders (TPO) on them.  The clerk reported that she would contact the tree officer at NWBC and find out. He also asked if the council would be prepared to look at the possibility of planting more trees in the village, as so many seemed to be being taken down and not replaced.  The chair said this was something the council would be considering in the future.  It was reported that HS2 would be planting trees, replacing those that they have removed for construction.

Cllr Macdonald had sent a report via email with an up date from the action group.  The clerk read ‘The community action group had met again and were awaiting ball park figures for the cost of work to improve the station car park and toilet site. The action group wish to discuss with the parish council the bus shelter and will make contact regarding parish council support for any proposals. The action group are also considering options for future use of the station building.  This is a challenging project which would require a significant amount of partnership working and investment. The memorial group are currently discussing with Warwickshire County Council to gain permission to go ahead with the landscaping at the memorial site.  The issue has been regarding liability to maintain the site.  It is believed that this is now resolved’.

77.  Chairman’s remarks

       The chair welcomed the public and was pleased to see so many attending.

78.  Apologies

B & C Cllr. Reilly and B Cllr. Macdonald reasons given and accepted/

79.  Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation:

Cllr Chown declared an interest in Water Orton Bowls Club as he is a member.  Cllr. Robinson declared an interest in Water Orton Cricket Club as he is a member of the committee. He also declared an interest in the Water Orton Action Group.  Cllr. Bevan declared an interest in the Water Orton Action Group

80.  No police present for an update

       Nothing reported from HS2

81.  To approve the minutes of the following meetings:

Proposed by Cllr Hodkinson, Seconded by Cllr. Triplett and Resolved (unanimously)  that the minutes  of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th April 2019 were a true record.  The chairman signed the minutes.

Proposed by Cllr Hodkinson, Seconded by Cllr Triplett and Resolved (unanimously) that the minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 15th May 2019 were a true record with on amendment minute 69 Cllr Bevan sent apologies and was not present at the meeting. The chairman signed the minutes.

82.  To receive reports from County & Borough Councillors

Cllr. Macdonald had sent a report via email read out by the clerk, ‘The new school  development is progressing well and on schedule.  Discussions are continuing regarding concerns about the future Plank Lane traffic management.  Contact has been made with Birmingham Airport to determine why the flight paths have not changed as previously agreed.

83.  To consider the request for work to be carried out on two trees at the rear of the  

       properties on St Blaise Avenue.

       After some discussion it was agreed that the clerk obtain three quotes for two options.            

       Option 1. To reduce the trees

       Option 2. To removal the trees completely.

       The clerk to report back at the next meeting.

84.  To appoint councillors to committees, working groups and outside bodies.

       The following committee members were confirmed:

       Finance Committee – Cllrs. Robinson, Bevan, Hodkinson and Triplett

       Maintenance Committee – Cllrs Robinson, Kelley and Chown

       H R Committee – Cllrs Coldrick, O’Meara, Kelley, Triplett

       Members were appointed to the following outside bodies:

       Thomas Dole Charity – Cllr Coldrick

       School GovenorsCllr Lee

       Water Orton Action Group – Cllr Robinson, Cllr Bevan

85.  To agree to review the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

       It was agreed that Cllrs. Hodkinson, Bevan & Triplett would review the Standing Orders  

       For approval by the full council at the net meeting.

       It was agreed that the Financial Committee would review the Financial Regulations for

       approval by the full council at the next meeting.

86.  To consider taking over the management of the Parish Council Website.

       It was considered that the council could save money if the management of the council    

       website could be done in house.  Cllr. Bevan offered to take over the management and  

       this was agreed by members.

87.  To consider continuing to paying rent for the garage for the tractor or to buy/build a  

       shed/garage next to the pavilion.

       The clerk reported that the annual rental cost for the garage on Maud Road was £387.

       The council raised concerns about the tractor being at a different location and if it was  

       The best use of money to continue with paying rent.  After some discussion it was  

       agreed that the most practical place to have either a shed or garage would be inside the  

       compound at the side of the pavilion.  The maintenance committee and the clerk would  

        look at the possibilities and report back at the next meeting.

88.  To consider applying for funding for outdoor equipment including and outdoor table

       tennis table and sport surface track.

       Cllr. Triplett advised that there were no provisions for older teenagers and young adults

       such as outdoor equipment.  She suggested that the council should consider obtaining

       funding for outdoor equipment and a concrete table tennis table.  Cllr. Coldrick said

      that the cost of maintaining equipment that the council owned at present was high and

      to have more equipment would impact on maintenance costs.  The clerk advised that

      provisions in the budget could be allowed to cover any extra maintenance costs if more

      equipment was purchased.  The question was also put as to what age group this would

      include.  It was decided that more information was required by way of consultation with

      the young people of the village to establish what type of equipment they would prefer.

      It was agreed that Cllr Lee would speak to year 6 and Cllr Kelley would speak to the  

      Adventure Scouts to try and establish what sort of equipment, if any, they would be

      interested in.

89.  To consider the purchase of a new larger notice board.

       There had been some discussion with residents at the Annual Parish Meeting that the    

       current notice board outside the pavilion was too small. The chairman had said that the

      council would consider the purchase of a bigger one.  The clerk had provided the council

      with two options.

      Option 1.   Would take 8 x A4 notices and included a header price £418.00

      Option 2. Was the same size without the header price £350.00

      It was PROPOSED by Cllr Robinson, SECONDED by Cllr. O’Meara and RESOLOVED  

      (unanimously) to purchase Option 1.

90.  To consider to support and fund a Water Orton Bloom Group.

       A resident had asked if the council would consider supporting and helping to fund the

       purchase and siting of more planters in the village. She explained that she had been

       trying to get the council to agree to this for many months.  She advised that she had

       support from business who were happy to sponsor the project. After some discussion

       the council asked if they could have a report of costs, sites and the number of sponsors.  

       The resident said she would have this information for the next meeting.

91.  To consider to support and help to fund Christmas Lights

       Cllr Reilly commented on how effective the Christmas lights around the church were

       and suggested the possibility of expanding with more Christmas lights on some of the

       columns. This was discussed by council and suggested that more information and cost  

       would be required before making any commitment.


92.  To consider forming an action group to investigate the possibilities of obtaining the

       land between Birmingham Road and Plank Lane for the Wilder for Wellbeing

       initiative.  Cllr Robinson said there had been some developments regarding this plot of

       land and felt that it would be appropriate to get more information on the future of the    

       land before progressing further.  He said he would report back to council when he had

       more information.

93.  To consider to support and help to fund the Men’s Shed initiative.

       This was an initiative discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting with Cllr. Reilly. There had

       been an article written by Cllr. Reilly in the Coleshill Post explaining the concept of this

     project. As Cllr Reilly was not at the meeting it was not possible to get an update.  Cllr.

       Hodkinson said he may be able to arrange for the supply refreshments to the group

       once it was set up.


94.  To receive and update on the Community Speedwatch initiative. The clerk reported    

       that she had sent the volunteers consent forms off to the Police but had not had any

       response back from them.

95.  To discuss the next step regarding the lease for the Bowls Club.

       The clerk reported that she had received a request from the Bowls Club to arrange a

       meeting to discuss the next stage of preparing the lease.  The Chairman asked the clerk

       to set up a meeting between Bowls Club representatives, himself, Cllr. Kelley and the

      clerk. The clerk also reported that the Bowls Club had asked if the council would act as

      Guarantors, she strongly advised the council that this was not good practice as it would

      leave the council liable for any debts that the Bowls Club may have should the club fold.  

      The council took the clerks advice and rejected the request.

96.  To consider the cost of registering the Playing Filed on the Land Registry.

      The clerk reported that the council’s solicitor had contacted her regarding the council

      registering the land so that the Tennis Club lease could be registered with the Land

      Registry.  She advised the council that none of the Playing Field land was registered and

      as the Tennis Club needed to be registered for the lease, then so will the Bowls Club

      when they are granted their lease. The cost for registering each site individually would  

      be approximately £1000.00.  As the Deeds covered all three sites it was therefore more

      economical to make one application for all three sites at a cost of £1400.00.  It was

      PROPOSED by Cllr. O’Meara, SECONDED by Cllr. Kelley and RESOLVED

      (unanimously) to proceed with registering the Playing Field with the Land Registry.

      It was recommended that The Green should also be registered.  The clerk said she would

     find the Deeds and make an application.

97. To discuss the work required on the pavilion car park.

      The Chairman stated that it was a priority to start work on the car park work as soon as

      possible as it had been dragging on for at least two years.  He reported that the Clerk

      had halted the work as the council had not followed the correct procedure when putting

      tenders out for the work which would cost over £25,000.  Also, there was no

      specification of works required produced by the council.  The clerk had suggested that

      the maintenance committee take up this project and produce the relevant information

      to put out to tender.  The Chairman disagreed as he did not think it necessary for the

      maintenance committee to be involved as this would slow the start of the work down.

      Cllr. Robinson advised that it was necessary to revisit this and ensure that a specification

      was updated and then put out to tender.  He suggested he and the maintenance

      committee should make this available for the next meeting.  It was agreed by all

      members except the Chairman that a new specification be produced.

98.  Financial Matters

       To receive the Internal Audit Report for the Accounts for the year ending 31stMarch

       2019.  It was PROPOSED by Cllr. Lee, SECONDED by Cllr. Bevan and RESOLVED    

       (unanimously) that the Internal Audit Report be approved.

       To approve and sign the Annual Governance Accountability Return (AGAR).

       The AGAR was completed and it was PROPOSED by Cllr. Robinson, SECONDED by Cllr.

       O’Meara and RESOLVED (unanimously) that the Chairman and the RFO (clerk) sign the


       To receive an update on the financial position.

       The clerk reported that the council now had internet banking facilities and that she had

       transferred £50,000 from the current account into the deposit account.

       The current account balance after the payments for approval had been deducted would

        be £69,012.03

       The deposit account balance was £78,900.92

       To discuss the payment of an outstanding invoice for the Bowls Club and to decide on

       the council’s position with regards to paying the Bowls Club future running costs.

       The clerk reported that she had received an invoice from Chubb to pay for the servicing

      of the fire extinguishers at the Bowls Club.  She understood that following the meeting

      with the Bowls Club in May, and having explained that it was not normal practice to pay  

      for the running costs of organisations, no more bills would be paid by the council.  Cllr.

      Kelley and Cllr. Coldrick said they both did not recollect that this was what was said.  

      After some discussion it was PROPOSED by Cllr Bevan and SECONDED by Cllr. O’Meara

      and RESOLVED (unanimously) that the invoice should be paid this time as a gesture of

      goodwill but no future invoice will be paid by the council.

       To approve the automated payments and future payments to be made.

       PROPOSED by Cllr. Triplett, SECONDED by Cllr. Lee and RESOLVED (unanimously) to

       approve the payments, signed by Cllr. Hodkinson and Cllr. Coldrick.

       A list of payments is attached.

99.  To consider options of premises available and suitable for a council office.

        The options which the clerk informed the council as being potential locations for an      

        office for the clerk were The Link and The Methodist Church.  Cllr. Triplett and the clerk

        had been to view the office space at the Community Centre in George Road. Cllr.

        Lee asked if the clerk was happy to have an office there and her reply was that as much

        as it was a nice office, it would mean sharing with the staff who run the community

        centre which she felt was a consideration because of data protection and she believed

        something more central to the village would be a better option.  Cllr. Coldrick believed  

        this ticked all the boxes for the council’s needs and asked the clerk to contact North

        Warwickshire Borough Council with regards to cost and availability.

100. Correspondence

        Water Orton Library and Community Centre had been nominated and had won the

        Creative Heritage category of Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action (WCAVA)

        Volunteer Awards.  This was for the delivery of the Libraries Live Project.  It was

        recognised that the volunteers at Water Orton Library had embraced the project from

        the outset and helped to deliver the project to the community with great enthusiasm

        and hard work.  The council congratulated all those involved at the Library on their


       An invitation to all councillors from the Library had been received.  This was for The    

       ‘Libraries Live’ Celebration & Exhibition Launch.

        An email had been received from the Methodist Church and Community Centre asking

        if the council could make a donation to items they required for their kitchen.  As this

       was a grant application it was agreed that this would need to be applied for through the

       grant application process.  

101. To approve the Employee’s Handbook (Green Book).

        The Chairman had emailed a copy of the Employee’s Handbook to all councillors prior

        to the meeting.  There were no issues raised from councillors it was therefore

        PROPOSED by Cllr. Hodkinson, SECONDED by Cllr. Robinson and RESOLVED

        (unanimously) that the Employee’s Handbook be approved.

102. To consider sustainability and environmental issues.

        No reports were given.

103. To receive dates for future training for councillors.

        The clerk reminded members that training events were being held for councillors and

        clerks.  Cllr. Bevan and Cllr. Hodkinson requested to attend the full day training session

        ‘Understanding your Parish Council’ at 9.30am on August 17th 2019 at Binley Woods

         Village Hall.

104. To agree the purchase of signs for the pavilion and car park gate.

        The clerk advised council that there was no sign on the outside of the pavilion stating

         that the council did not accept liability for loss or damage to vehicles.  She also

         suggested to members that a sign on the gate stating what time the gates would be  

         locked would be useful information for anyone not using the pavilion, as they may find

         themselves locked in.  The council were happy for the clerk to obtain costs for supply

         and fixing of the signs.

105. To agree the purchase of a new Line Marker for lining the football pitch

        The clerk had sourced two Line Markers.  The council agreed that the clerk discuss the

        options with the groundsman and make a decision.