Meeting 28th November 2018


  • Cllr Ralph Coldrick – Chair – RC
  • Cllr Keith Hodkinson – KH
  • Cllr Dan Hodkinson – DH
  • Cllr Chris Chown – CC
  • Cllr Margaret Triplett- MT
  • Cllr Steve Stuart – Minutes – SS

1. Apologies

  • Cllr Ray Payne
  • Cllr Tom Foley
  • Cllr Russell Lowe
  • Cllr Sue Kelley

2. Borough / County Councillors

a) School build.

Concerns raised over speed of wagons of Wilmott Dixon working on school site. RC rasied that feedback session in daytime – can we have one in evening. David Reilly (DR) to request.

Wilmott Dixon are open to discussion though and accessible. Piling finished 24th. All girders in place. Condition of Plank Lane with mud on road . Road sweeper as soon as judgement says it needs cleaning. Tell them or tell DR. Have jet washed when Road Sweeper not available.

Development continuing apace. Looking helpful about completing build in time. Aided by fair weather. SEN unit not included in planning as not enshrined in act of parliament. Therefore separate planning needed to be obtained.

No reports on public meeting on 24th. Seem to be considerate.

b) Strategic review of A446

Now publically stated J9 is about to fall over. Consequences significant. Additional work needs to be done. Funding needs to be found. Priority location in terms of investment. Discussion with Curdworth with regards to construction issues. Potential Curdworth single entry and exit village.

c) Public Toilet site.

Local interest group. Power and water going towards it. Serena Smith in contact relating to planters. Now Ray not accessing – seek volunteer groups involvement. More formal agreement. Planters to sit on top of railings outside of Methodist Church.

d) Christmas Decorations.

Too late this year. Maintenance and storage. Can we look at for next Christmas? Severn Trent provide tree to Curdworth every year.

e) Local plan with inspector.

Borough council expecting response – not sure what not receiving one to date means. Good or bad.

f) HS2 phase 2

has now been announced and environmental statements. Traffic impact at J9.

Chair thanked DR for efforts in 2018.

3.Declarations of interest.

SK – New Road
CC- Bowls Club
RL – WHS Ltd
MT – WHS Ltd
SS – Tennis Club and Bowls Club

4. Police matters

No police presence at meeting. Reports on Social Media suggest increasing criminal activity. All residents encouraged to report any crimes / concerns to 101.

5. Public Questions.

From Serena Smith. Approached by Mrs Brewer – 82 – apologises for non-attendance. Walks to Vicarage Lane bus stop. Can we get hedge cut? Now dangerous. Brambles are sticking out. Can we look to get them cutback? A – Logging off due to undertake maintenance. David Reilly (DR) to look at lensmen.

From Kay Hailstone. When is car park at pavilion going to be done? The rain is an issue. A- Can announce discussions with honeybourne today. Asked when work can commence. Andy Paige detailed they would look. Also to deal with drains. K(eith) H to be involved to finalise the work detail.

From Serena Smith – can the accounts be viewed? Resident wishes to view but could not make date. A – If they can email they can be viewed if mutually agreeable time can be arranged. Accounts will not be emailed.

From Barry Knights. Applaud the new signs on Childrens Area. Can notice be placed on noticeboard on what penalties there are for not following bylaws. A – We will seek to provide abridged version of relevant bylaws on noticeboards. However there is difficulty in policing them. Will mention bylaws in Villager.

6. Minutes of previous meeting.

Accepted as true and accurate record. Signed off.

7. Matters arising?

Has SK picked up action relating to lights in village. RC to Check.

DR has reviewed bridge repair. Shabby. Bridge however is BCC asset. DR Asking question of whether repair is good enough. KH detailed that as a listed structure repairs should be carried out sympathetically.

8. Financial Matters

Change of signatories.

Lloyds bank accepted all new signatories. Customer Care at Chelmsley Lloyds is tracking activity to come back to KH if any issue. Correspondence however still to existing address. DH not listed as signatory

9. HS2 .

John Warren provided update. Gas works continue on Rugby Club site. Question raised about land opposite to Rugby club. Now completely deserted. Will raise at next Special management zone meeting. Hopefully answer in January. Rugby Club earmarked to become construction site. Gas works to continue for 3 years. This will lead to overlap with building of line. Gas pipe that runs all the way round the back of the village down by Attleborough farm has to be moved. On Rugby club site some high pressure gas pipes which need to be moved out of way. Pylons need to be moved too. Promised this work will not interfere with traffic as will be carried out over roads via scaffold and netting.

HS2 Action group is working closely with colleagues in Coleshill. Not happy at all with Chattle Hill Junction which is viaduct over A446. “German U-Boat Pen.” Want to get reviewed by independent design panel. Argue it can’t change because of lack of height and large trucks would hit bridge. Requires lots of concrete pillars. Coleshill Group asking why can’t their lower or divert the A446 instead of large number of pillars. This is essentially a gateway to the village and would be inviting Graffiti. Battling away. No idea if anything will be done but more promising than it has looked previously. Special management zone meetings still taking place. Decent rapport with HS2. Contact JW or DR if there are any problems or issues. Next March will see full construction commencing.

Chari thanked John Warren for all efforts in 2018.

Anticipated accelerated action in 2019.

10. Correspondence.

Interesting email form Borough about regs from elections and how soon meetings carried out after meeting. Quote set procedures. Quite complex. Ahead of elections 7th May.

Will be seeking a new clerk. Jacqui Coombes not returning. RC to place advert in next issue of Coleshill Post.

11. Web page.

MT presented to meeting. Had a look last week . Listed as under construction.

New developer made following requests. All to Action.

A ) minutes from last 2/3 meetings. – Please note action under Agenda Item 19.
B) Cllr names and conact info
C) info paragraph on what the PC is about, what it is and isn’t responsible for.
D) photos of inside of pavilion. Contact details presented. If presented quickly could be live before Christmas.

12. War Memorial.

Leave on agenda until landscaping detail complete. DR detailed there was considerable sums of money left over and consultation would be carried out as to how it would be spent.

13. Planning applications.

Presented to meeting.

14. Decisions form applications

Presented to meeting.

15. Playing field and open spaces.

Inspection carried out. Everything fine.

Nothing broken as of this year. Dog signs in place.

Playground areas ok. Pin still missing from goal post. Caps need tapping out for goalposts. Maybe need magnets. Should be readjustable.

Posts on Vicarage Lane. Locking mechanism on green. Need reinforcing. DR to Action

Chair thanked CC for work this year.

16. Villager magazine.

This paper going out early. Contibutions needed by 10th December. Give back to approve. Sue has written article. Job advert needs to go in. Dates for next meeting required. Do we want to advertise pavilion? RC to liaise and action as appropriate.

17. Tennis Courts and Bowls Club.

Not heard anything back from Glovers. Nothing heard back from Tennis Club. Gone quiet.

Bowls club had AGM on Monday night. Same Committee. Lease doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Question was raised as to whether we would use same solicitor in relation to lease on Bowls Club. Decision referred until action commenced.

18. Highways & Environment.

KH – Holly bush next to the phone box on Coleshill Road. Needs trimming back – does Groundsman have tools to deal with?

? over equipment held by Paul. Think he was helped by Logging off. Has loggers and hedge cutter.

DR detailed that he had met with Beaver Metals and was impressed with their proactiveness in terms of acting on problems.

Question from Terry Allcock relating to wall “on the move” near the latest war memorial. By the laurels. DR to inspect with highways.

19. Cheques to be raised.

Paul Bellis £NWBC £
N Smith £
P Bellis £
Logging Off £
Rolston Lant £
J Coombes £
Post Group Midlands £
Boss HR £
WR and J Collins £

ACTION – Amounts here and on previous minutes to be redacted before transferring  to web.

20. AOB.


Meeting closed to public business at 8.33.