Cllrs Robinson (Chairman), Hailstone, Freeman, Chown, Rees, Bevan, Smith
Clerk – Daphne Robinson
Mr K Hackett and Mr E Murphy – Water Orton Bowls Club  2 members of the public

Public Forum

Mr Hackett, chairman of Water Orton Bowls Club, explained that in relation to agenda item 102, the Bowls Club will provide volunteers to assist with the demolition of the current toilet block and clearing the site.  He also stated that volunteers would be on hand for any other labour work to help to reduce the cost of the project.

A resident asked about the council’s complaint procedure as he wished to complain about the clerk. The clerk advised him that all council correspondence should be sent to her.  She advised that if the resident sent the letter of complaint to her, she would pass it on to the HR committee who would then deal with the matter.

  1. Chairman’s Remarks
    Cllr Robinson said as 2021 can to a close it was hoped that 2022 would be a year for positivity and the chance to live as normal as possible.  He reported that the feedback from the community on the work the council had carried out over the past year had been encouraging.  He said the community spirit in displaying Christmas lights especially by private households had been amazing.
  1. Apologies for absence and reasons given
    Cllrs. B O’Meara and C O’Meara – on holiday
    This was accepted by councillors
  1. Declarations of Interests and requests for Dispensation
    Cllr Chown declared an interest in item 102 as he is a member of the Bowling Club committee.
  1. Report from Police
  1. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 2021
    Proposed by Cllr Freeman, Seconded by Cllr Hailstone and Resolved that the minutes were a true record.  The minutes were signed by the chairman.
  1. Clerk’s Report
    The defibrillator has been delivered.  Arrangements will be made with NWFR to have it installed at the community centre in George Road in January.
    Speedwatch action group – waiting for the PC to return to work to arrange a meeting.
    Spoken to BBV regarding a community project for the path to the Green Room.  The maintenance committee would produce a design of what was required.
    A parish council Facebook page has been set up.  This is for information from the parish council only, there is no facility for comments from the public.
    Spoken to the football club re the goal post sockets.  A meeting with the football club and the maintenance committee needs to be arranged.
  1. To receive a report from the Play Equipment Working Group
    Cllr Smith presented a new plan with a smaller Giant XL which is 6 meters tall.  He advised that a public consultation would take place at the pavilion on 15th January 2022 between 11am – 3.00pm.  Both plans would be on display along with details of each individual piece of equipment proposed in the plans.  Residents will be asked to complete a questionnaire based on their preferences.
  1. To consider the toilet block drawing for the bowls club and agree the next step for applying for funding.
    Cllr Robinson presented the drawings for the proposed replacement of the toilet block to members.  This included a two phase project, phase one being replacing the toilets to bring them up to the required standard.  Cllr Robinson thanked Mr Hackett for the offer of volunteers helping to clear the site, as this would help towards reducing the cost of the project. He advised the next step would be obtain three quotes to enable the council to apply to Hs2 for funding.  Mr Murphy, a member of the bowls committee, had offered to assist with completing the application forms as he had successfully secured a grant from Hs2 for the cricket club.  It was Proposed by Cllr Bevan, Seconded by Cllr Hailstone and Resolved to obtain three quotes for the replacement of the toilet block and that Mr Murphy would assist with the application on behalf of the council.
  1. Planning Applications
    PAP/2021/0659 – 12 Jaques Close – Certificate of lawfulness for proposed rear extension. No objections were raised
    PAP/2021/0656 – 11 Woodlands Avenue – Single storey extension – No objections were raised
    PAP/2021/0667 – 81 Coleshill Road – Rear extension to create new open plan – No objections were raised
    Pre-planning application consultation for a mobile phone base station installation at CTIL 30066200 Marsh Lane, opposite the Lakeside Industrial Park, Water Orton. After some discussion the council agreed that a second mast was definitely required in the village and as the pre planning application stood, it believed the proposed site was the best option.  The clerk would respond to the applicant with the council’s comments.
  1. Financial Matters
    a) To approve electronic and future invoice payments.
    Proposed by Cllr. Smith, Seconded by Cllr. Rees and Resolved to approve electronic and future payments.  The chairman signed the invoices.
    b) To retrospectively approve the funds towards the installation and extension of Guardrails on Birmingham Road.
    Proposed by Cllr Freeman, Seconded by Cllr Smith and Resolved unanimously to provide funds of £7000 towards the cost of the installation and extension of guardrails on Birmingham Road to prevent vehicles parking on the pavement.
    c) To receive an update on the financial matters
    The clerk reported that the finance committee would be meeting on 6th January 2022 to finalise the budget for 2022/23 and agree the precept to be submitted to the full council at its January meeting.
    d) The clerk advised that with the two major projects proposed by the council in the next financial year (New playground equipment and the bowls club toilet block), and the funds being made available for the guardrails, the council should defer using funds to reduce traffic calming on Birmingham Road, carrying out work on the gate entrance at Vicarage Lane and review the purchase of a new bus shelter on Birmingham Road. This would be considered at the finance meeting.
  1. Correspondence
    Borough councillors Reilly and Macdonald have advised that they have funds of up to £5000 available towards the redevelopment of the old toilet site and bus shelter.  Councillors welcomed the offer and agreed that a meeting between members of the WOCAG, Borough councillors and representatives of the parish council should be arranged to discuss further.