Cllrs Robinson (Chairman), Hailstone, Freeman, Chown, B O’Meara, C O’Meara, Rees, BevanClerk – Daphne Robinson
CC Cllr. M Watson, Cameron Cashmore BBV  1 member of the public

Public Forum

A resident raised the issue of Network Rail demolishing the station building.  She asked if the council could consider supporting the retention of the building as it was felt it is a fundamental part of the heritage of the village.  The clerk advised that she had received an email from Cllr. Macdonald regarding this issue after the agenda had been issued.  Unfortunately, as it was not on the agenda, the council were unable to lawfully approve any proposal at this meeting.  She advised that, due to the next meeting with Network Rail and the Water Orton Community Action Group being before the next parish council meeting, the only way this could be discussed was by holding an Extraordinary Meeting.  This would need to be requested in writing to the clerk by two parish councillors and the summons issued by the chairman.  It was agreed that two councillors would email the clerk.

  1. Chairman’s Remarks
    Cllr Robinson welcomed everyone to the meeting
  1. Apologies for absence and reasons given
    Cllr Smith – Personal reasons, B Cllrs Macdonald & Reilly attending another meeting
    All reasons were accepted by members.
  1. Declarations of Interests and requests for Dispensation
    Cllrs. Robinson & Hailstone declared an interest in item 61c as they are both members of the cricket club committee and would not take part in the vote.
  2. Report from Police
    The police were unable to attend the meeting but had sent a report to the clerk:
    • 1 incident of theft from a motor vehicle whereby an insecure vehicle was entered
    • 1 criminal damage at a business property
    • 1 theft
    • 1 burglary from the Tesco store
    • Further incidents of note included: 4 calls for anti-social behaviour/trespassing at the derelict properties and the old school in Attleboro Lane.  2 arrests have been made in relation to these incidents. 1 call received reference protestors to Hs2 on Birmingham Road.
  1. To receive an update from Hs2
    Mr Cashmore gave a presentation on future work to be carried by Balfour Beatty Vinci.  This included:The haul road was almost complete and would be operational by mid- October.  This would considerably reduce the number of HGV traffic driving through the village.  Demolition of the houses on Attleboro Lane would commence on 4th October. Vehicles involved in the demolition work would not access via Attleboro Lane.  Section 61 had been approved.  This means that work can be carried out 24 hours per day, however work would stop by 11.00pm.  Noise and vibration monitors had been installed.  Lighting would be increased for night work to be carried out.  It was explained that the lighting would be positioned so that it did not disturb or impact on the residents of Attleboro Lane.  The sub-station planning application had been withdrawn.  The new site would be located within the Birmingham City Council boundary.Mr Cashmore gave an update on the community work that BBV had been involved in.  There had been a cricket match between BBV employees and Water Orton Cricket Club players. Community investment included a defibrillator being donated to the school and landscaping work had been carried out within the school grounds.
  1. To approve the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council meeting held on 29th July 2021
    Proposed by Cllr Hailstone, Seconded by Cllr Freeman and Resolved that the minutes were a true record. The minutes were signed by the chairman.
  1. To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 3rd August 2021
    Proposed by Cllr Rees, Seconded by Cllr Bevan and Resolved that the minutes were a true record.  The minutes were signed by the chairman
  1. Clerk’s Report
    The Dog Inn – To be recognised as an Asset of Community Interest.  No update.Notice for the deregistration of the land on Marsh Lane and the registration of the land on Plank Lane for Village Green Status is currently in the consultation period which ends tomorrow 1st Oct.Noise on the Green from the exercise class had been reported by a resident as still being an issue.  It was believed the classes would be coming to an end as the nights draw in.  There was a discussion about possibly imposing a byelaw preventing business activities being carried out on the Green.  The clerk would investigate this. Memorial Site – The quote of £7100.00 for the landscaping work included the cost of the Street Accreditation contract, therefore the £1000 to be paid by the PC to cover this was not required.The Bollard knocked down on the Green had been reinstalled by the village caretaker. The roller shutter door for the pavilion was on order.

    The Pound on Attleboro Lane was still being dealt with by Land Registry.

    A document had come to light showing that the triangle of land on Coleshill Road/Watton Lane should have been recorded by WCC as Water Orton PC being the owner of this piece of land.  The instruction came from the Chief Commons Commissioner following a hearing in November 1983.  Cllr Watson said he would check with the legal team at WCC.

    Emailed Warwickshire Heritage who are interested in archiving the minutes of PC meetings, this would free up some storage space.

  1. To receive reports from Borough and County councillors.No borough councillors were present.
    Cllr Watson advised that the cameras on the Birmingham Road were part of a survey being carried out to monitor the traffic.  He had no update on the Speed Indicator Device but would report back to the clerk as soon as information was available. A new Bus Service Improvement Plan was due out soon.  The survey carried out had a 12% response in North Warwickshire which was up from 8% on the previous survey.  Cllr Watson reported that he was working with highways to install drop kerbs on Vicarage Lane as this was the only pavement in the village without any dropped kerbs.  He advised that the number of Covid cases in Water Orton was one of the highest in the county.
  1. To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan.Cllr Bevan advised that the examiner’s report stated that ‘subject to the policy modifications set out in the report, the plan meets the basic conditions’.  Once the modifications had been met then the plan could proceed to referendum on the basis that it met all the legal requirements. The examiner concluded the referendum area should not expand beyond the designated area of the plan.The examiner commended the Governance Group and the Parish Council for the work it had carried out in producing the Plan.  Cllr Robinson expressed his sincere thanks to Cllrs Bevan, Rees, Freeman and all the other members of the governance group for their outstanding contribution in producing a first class document.
  1. To receive an update from the maintenance committee including the Playground equipmentCllr Chown reported that he had caried out the monthly inspection on the play equipment and that there was nothing to report.  The fencing on the hoop area needed to be addressed.  It was agreed that welding the parts that were damaged would not be adequate.  It was agreed that the cost of new fencing should be considered in the budget for next year. The pavilion roof had been repaired and was now water tight. Once the shutter door had been installed, repairs/replacement to the guttering would need to be considered. New grit box has been sited on the junction of Marsh Lane and Minworth Lane.  The smaller one will be sited by Vesey Bridge.
  1. To receive a report from the Play Equipment Working Group
    Cllr Smith had sent his apologies and would report back at the next meeting.
  1. To receive a report from the HR Committee
    Cllr B’ O’Meara advised that a meeting with the clerk for her appraisal had taken place.  She advised it had come to their attention that the council were not paying sufficient pension contributions into the clerk’s pension.  It had been agreed by both the HR committee and the clerk that her hours of work would be Monday – Thursday 10.00am – 4.00pm.  This would be posted on the website.
  1. To receive an update on the purchase of the defibrillator and consider  transferring the responsibility of maintenance to North Warwickshire First Responders (NWFR).
    The clerk advised the Defibrillator and cabinet had been purchased.  NWFR had agreed to arrange for the installation at the Community Centre on George Road.  NWFR had advised that they would be happy to take over the responsibility of maintaining the defibrillator if the council agreed.  The clerk explained the cost of maintenance would incur £40 per month to be set aside for the replacement of the battery and pads.It was Proposed by Cllr B O’Meara, Seconded  by Cllr Bevan and Resolved that NWFR take over responsibility of the maintenance of the defibrillator.
  1. To consider if the council should pursue the installation of a speed indicator device on Birmingham Road.
    After some debate it was proposed to amend the item for the council to disregard the idea of a speed indicator device and consider other options for traffic calming on the Birmingham Road coming into Water Orton. Proposed by Cllr Freeman, Seconded by Cllr C O’Meara and Resolved to consider another form of traffic calming on Birmingham Road.
  1. To consider the offer from WPD for damage done to the memorial site by one of its trucks.
    The clerk reported she had met with representatives from WPD.  WPD asked how it could compensate for the damage.  The clerk had suggested that as the village had suffered from losing so many trees and hedgerow due to Hs2, WPD supply and plant two trees along the Vicarage Lane hedgerow on the playing field.  It was Proposed by Cllr B O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Rees and Resolved that WPD supply and plant two trees on the playing field.
  2. Financial Mattersa) To approve electronic and future invoice payments.
    Proposed by Cllr. Hailstone, Seconded by Cllr. B O’Meara and Resolved to approve electronic and future payments.  The chairman signed the invoices.
    b) To receive an update on finance matters.
    The clerk reported that the external auditor had issued the External Auditor Report and Certificate for the annual accounts for the year ending 31st March 2021.c) To consider the grant application from the cricket club for £600 for a defibrillator cabinet to be installed on the outside of the pavilion so that it is available for public use. The total value of the application was £600, under the Grant Award Policy the council were unable to fund the whole amount. It was proposed that the amount awarded would be £590. Proposed by Cllr Freeman, Seconded by Cllr B O’Meara and Resolved to award the cricket club a grant of £590 towards the purchase of a cabinet for a defibrillator.

    d) To consider making a donation to North Warwickshire First Responders.
    The clerk explained that NWFR are a charity and that they will be willing to take over the maintenance of all the defibrillators in the village once they were installed.  As the council would be saving on the cost of maintenance, it was proposed that a donation of £1000 was awarded to NWFR.  Concern was raised as to what power the council had to donate this money. The clerk would check this.  Proposed by Cllr C O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr B O’Meara and Resolved to award NWFR a donation of £1000 in principle once the clerk had checked what powers would allow the money to be donated.

The next meeting will be 28th October 2021 at The Pavilion.