Present: Cllrs Robinson (Chairman), Hailstone, Bevan, Rees, Freeman, Chown, B O’Meara, C O’Meara, Smith
Clerk – Daphne Robinson
Cllr Macdonald
5 members of the public

Public Forum

Residents are still concerned about the amount of dust in the village being caused by the construction work for Hs2 and the construction vehicles  travelling through the village.

  1. To elect a Chairman for the forthcoming year and receive their Declaration Acceptance of Office.
    Cllr Robinson was nominated by Cllr Smith to be re-elected as chairman.  There were no other nominations.  It was therefore Proposed by Cllr Smith, Seconded by Cllr Freeman and Resolved (unanimously) that Cllr Robinson be re-elected as chairman.  Cllr Robinson thanked fellow members and pledged to carry out his duties to the best of his ability.  It was approved by members that Cllr Robinson would sign the Declaration for Acceptance of Office as soon as possible.
  1. Chairman’s Remarks
    Cllr Robinson stated that he believed the parish council had done remarkably well over the last two years. He believed the council had made its mark and showed it was not afraid to move forward and get things done.  He acknowledged the fresh blood coming on to the council  and welcomed Cllrs Freeman and Smith who had joined during the last six months.  The lack of formality and documentation required to run the council business had been lacking.  He thanked the clerk for her work in putting the council paperwork in order and bringing all administration up to date.  Cllr Robinson said that the clerk’s job was to give guidance to the council to ensure that it carried out it’s responsibilities in accordance with the laws set out for parish and town councils.
  1. To elect a Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year
    This was deferred to the next meeting.
  1. Apologies for absence and reasons given
    Cllrs B O’Meara and C O’Meara were acting officers for the local County Council election.  This was accepted by members.
  1. Declarations of Interests and requests for Dispensation
    Cllr Hailstone declared an interest in item 9 as she had been a member on the original war memorial committee.
  1. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 29th April 2021.
    Proposed by Cllr Rees, Seconded by Cllr Hailstone and Resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 29th April 2021 as a true record.  These minutes would be signed by the chairman at the earliest opportunity.
  1. To appoint councillors to Committees, Working Groups and other bodies.COMMITTEES
    Finance Committee – Cllrs Robinson, Bevan, C O’Meara & Freeman
    Planning Committee – Cllrs Robinson, Rees & Hailstone
    Maintenance Committee – Cllrs Robinson, Bevan, Chown & Smith
    HR Committee – Cllrs B ‘O Meara, C O’Meara & ReesThere was a discussion that the Water Orton in Bloom Group should operate as a constituted body but remain under the guidance of the parish council and have council representation on the group. It was believed that more funding could be obtained if the group set up its own constitution.  This was agreed by members.WORKING GROUPS
    Water Orton In Bloom – Cllr B O’Meara
    Playground Equipment Project – Cllrs Smith, Chown, Freeman & B ‘O’Meara
    Neighbourhood Plan – Cllrs Bevan Rees & Freeman

    The Thomas Dole Charity – Cllr Rees

  1. To approve the dates for meeting for the forthcoming year.
    A list of dates had been circulated to members prior to the meeting.Proposed by Cllr Bevan, Seconded by Cllr Freeman and Resolved to approve the dates of meeting for the forthcoming year.  The clerk would post the dates on the parish council website.
  1. To consider the proposed agreement from WCC for the parish council to take responsibility for the maintenance of the War Memorial Site.
    The clerk had circulated a copy of the agreement to councillors prior to the meeting.  After some discussion it was proposed that the parish council agree to the proposed agreement from WCC for the responsibility and maintenance of the War Memorial Site.  Proposed by Cllr Freeman, Seconded by Cllr Bevan and Resolved that the parish council approve the agreement. Cllr Hailstone abstained.  The agreement would be signed by the chairman and returned to WCC solicitors.
  1. Finance

a) To approve Section 1 of the Annual Governance Statement 2020/21
This was deferred to the next meeting.

b)To approve Section 2 of the Accounting Statement 2020/21
This was deferred to the next meeting.

The next meeting will be 24th June 2021 at The Pavilion.

This is subject to the government’s announcement on 14th June on lifting restrictions on 21st June 2021