Notice of Meeting 29th April 2020


Meeting of the Parish Council on Wednesday 29thApril 2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom where the following issues will be considered.  All councillors should be present by 7.30pm.

Topic: Water Orton Parish Council, April Meeting
Time: Apr 29, 2020 07:30 PM London
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235 Chairman’s remarks
236 Apologies for absence and reasons given

Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation on items to be discussed.  ​​

237 Public Forum
238 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 26th February 2020 and the                    

             Extraordinary meeting held on Monday 20th April 2020

239 Matters arising from the minutes
240 To receive reports from Borough and County Councillors
241 To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan
242 To report on the parish council response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
243 To receive an update from the maintenance committee including the

Playground equipment

244 To resolve that, John Warren remain as a parish council representative for

            HS2 meetings and consultations.

245 To approve the revised Employees Handbook
246 Update report on HS2

247Financial Matters

a. To agree that during remote meetings all payments will be made by the clerk and invoices will be signed by the chair once the restrictions due to the Coronavirus are lifted.
b. To receive an update on finances