You are invited to the Zoom Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 11th January 2021 at 6.30pm when the following issues will be considered.  Public and press are welcome.

Signature: D J Robinson                       Clerk to the Council                             Date:  06.01.2021

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Meeting ID: 869 9452 6276
Passcode: 980113


Passcode: 980113


378 Apologies for absence and reasons given

379 Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation on items to be

380 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 28th November 2020

381 Clerks Report

382 To consider installing CCTV in the village

383 To consider the budget for the financial year 2021/22 proposed by the       Finance Committee

384 To consider the revised cash offer from Kingslea Homes

385 Financial Matters

a. To approve electronic and future payment of invoices

386 To adopt the revised Communications Policy

387 To exclude the public & press Exclusion of Public and Press – That under the Public Bodies (admissions to meetings) Act 1960, the public and representatives of the press be excluded from the meeting during the   consideration of the following items of business as publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

a. To receive an update on the possibility of obtaining land for wellbeing and Conservation

Agenda item 385a – List of payments

Payee Payment Type Invoice no. Details Total
Woodberry BACS 69791 Fixings for bench 138.00
Planters – DR BACS V209 Gloves for groundsmen 25.96
Hanane Belbeda BACS V210 Deep clean of Pavilion 138.75
Employees BACS V211/12/13 November Salaries 2001.03
HMRC BACS V214 PAYE & NIC 225.84
NEST DD V215 Pension 40.15
Coleshill Post BACS 7257 Article for Coleshill Post 150.00
MP Computer Service BACS V216 Service of Laptop 65.00
Hyperbole BACS 1169 Work carried out on website 198.00
Glasdon BACS 806561 Dog Bin 284.59
Turnock BACS 48646 Supply & Install no. 6 xmas lights 2176.80
Turnock BACS 48647 Supply & Install no. 9 xmas lights 4543.20
Croner BACS 334854 HR 146.89
D Robinson BACS V218/19 Various supplies for pavilion 51.36
Zoom – DR BACS 55359913 Monthly cost for Zoom 14.39
Waite BACS 494 Tree work 1970.00
DG Alarms BACS 5606 Removal of old alarm 78.00
Jerroms BACS 53515/1 Quarterly Payment for payroll 180.00
Chubb BACS 8494877 Annual Charge for Fire alarm maint. 321.10
Vodafone BACS 474905309 Telephone 22.64
Employees BACS V221/22/23 Salaries – December 2047.68
HMRC BACS V224 PAYE & NIC 225.44
NEST DD V225 Pension 40.15
New Look Clean Ltd BACS COMM 3484 Cleaning pavilion carpet 145.00
Lichfield Lock – PR BACS V226 Replacement Locks for garage 55.67
NWBC BACS 5869854 Ground Maintenance 649.97
Hi-Lite Electrical Ltd BACS 777 Change timing on Christmas Lights 180.00
Currys – DR BACS V227 Printer Cartridges 69.98
Asda – DR BACS V220 Stationery 5.49
Hyperbole BACS 1177 Website work 45.00
Chubb BACS 8532693 Fire Alarm call out & Service 246.00
SLCC BACS 233721 Annual Membership fee for SLCC 166.00