Present:           Cllrs Robinson (Chairman), Hailstone, Bevan, Rees, Freeman, Chown, B O’Meara & C O’Meara

Clerk- Daphne Robinson,  CC & BC D Reilly            1 member of the public 

 378. Apologies for absence and reasons given

B Cllr Macdonald – attending another meeting

379. Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation on items to be discussed.


380. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 2020. Proposed by Cllr B. O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Hailstone and Resolved  that the minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 2020 were a true record.

381.Clerk’s Report

Installation of broadband at the pavilion was due to be carried out on 18th January 2021.  Mrs Cleaver had advised that the Speedwatch scheme has been suspended until further notice due to the Coronavirus.  The Office for National Statistics had advised the March 2021 Census would still go ahead.  Cllr Hailstone had written an article for The Bridge to inform residents of the Census taking place this year

382. To discuss installing CCTV in the village

The clerk reported she had asked the police if it believed CCTV was required in Water Orton.  Based on the level of crime and the type of crime reported, the police believed it was not.  The police believe replacing the ANPR (Automatic Number Plater Recognition) camera, which had been removed from Birmingham Road, would be a more effective way of dealing with crime.

After some debate Cllr Robinson Proposed the council do not pursue the installation of CCTV in the village, Seconded by Cllr B O’Meara. The vote was 4 for and 4 against.  Cllr Robinson did not exercise his casting vote.

Cllr Chown Proposed that the council investigate how much the CCTV would cost for installation, maintenance and running costs and also obtain information on justifying the need.  This would then be considered for the 2022/23 budget. Seconded by Cllr C O’Meara.  The vote was 5 for and 3 against.  The motion was therefore carried.

383.To consider the budget for the financial year 2021/22 proposed by the finance committee

The clerk had circulated the proposed budget to all councillors prior to the meeting.  She had explained by email the reasons for the changes she had made.  The clerk advised that she had some concerns that if all the proposed budget for assets was spent, this would leave the reserves at a lower balance than she believes to be adequate.  Cllr Rees shared the same view.  Cllr Rees also advised that she believed the income for the hire of the pavilion may be ambitious with the continuing lockdowns due to the coronavirus.  This was noted.  The budget included an increase of 10% on the precept.  The clerk had reported on the proposal that the increase was required to cover the refurbishment of the two brick bus shelters and for the purchase of a tree at the war memorial sight suitable for having Christmas light on and the cost which would be incurred for the electricity supply and implementing safety regulations.  The Precept will be approved at the next parish council meeting on Wednesday 27th January 2021.

After further discussion it was Proposed by C O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Rees and Resolved to accept the proposed budget for 2021/22.

384. To consider the revised cash offer from Kingslea Homes.

The clerk had circulated the email to members prior to the meeting outlining the revised cash offer of £20,000 made by Kingslea Homes.  Cllr Robinson reminded councillors that Kingslea Homes were not obliged to make any cash contribution but to locate another piece of land for village green status in exchange for the land on Marsh Lane.  It was Proposed by Cllr Robinson, Seconded by Cllr B O’Meara and Resolved to accept the cash contribution from Kingslea Homes of £20,000 and that the piece of land on Plank Lane to be the alternative piece of land which will be registered with village green status.

385. Financial Matters

a.To approve the electronic and future payment of invoices

Proposed by Cllr B O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Rees and Resolved to approve the electronic and future payments of invoices as listed

386. To approve the revised Communications Policy

The clerk had issued a draft copy of the revised Communications Policy.

It was Proposed by Cllr B O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Hailstone and Resolved to approve the revise Communications Policy.

387. To exclude the public & Press to consider matters the following matters.

Proposed by Cllr Robinson, Seconded by Cllr Freeman and Resolved to exclude the public and press.

a. To receive an update on the possibility of obtaining land for wellbeing and conservation.

Cllr Robinson reported a meeting had taken place with development consultants on the land which the parish council were interested in developing as a site for wellbeing/conservation.  He advised that the developers had spoken to the land owners and they were in favour of the land being developed in this way.  The land would be offered on a lease basis. Cllr Robinson explained to move forward, the development consultants would want to see what plans the council had for the area.  There would be no cost to the council at this stage but asked if councillors were happy to continue with this. He added that to put a plan together could be done by a working group headed by some councillors.  Cllr B O’Meara and Cllr Freeman indicated that they would be interested in being involved with the working group.  The council unanimously supported that this project be moved forward.  Cllr Robinson advised he would arrange another meeting with all parties involved and report back at the next meeting

The date of the next parish council meeting – Wednesday 27th January 2021 at 6.30pm