You are invited to the Zoom Meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday 25th March 2021 at 6.30pm when the following issues will be considered. The official meeting will start at 6.45pm or at the conclusion of the public forum, whichever is sooner. Please ensure you are present by 6.25pm

Signature:     D J Robinson               Clerk to the Council                                   Date: 19.03.21

Daphne Robinson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Meeting ID: 894 6468 9449


Chairman’s Remarks

420. Apologies for absence and reasons given

421. Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation on items to be discussed.

422. Report from Police

423. Hs2 – Update from Hayden Wright       

424. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th February 2021            

425. Clerk’s Report

426. To consider the co-option of Mr Nigel Smith for the councillor vacancy

427. To receive reports from Borough and County Councillors

428. To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan

429. To receive an update from the maintenance committee including the Playground equipment

430. Planning

  • Application PAP/2021/0121 – 55a Attleboro Lane – Single Storey outbuilding to rear of property
  • To consider the NW Local Plan Consultation

431. To approve the following policies

  • a) Environment Policy
  • b) Health & Safety Policy

432. Financial Matters

  • a) To approve electronic and future invoice payments
  • b) To receive an update on financial matters

433. Correspondence

434. Exclusion of Public and Press – That under the Public Bodies (admissions to meetings) Act 1960, the public and representatives of the press be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of the following items of business as publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

  • To approve staff salary for 2021/22 as recommended by the HR Committee
  • To approve the hire charges for the football club as recommended by the Finance Committee
  • To discuss the Company of the Curtain Lease

Agenda item 432a – List of payments

Payee Payment Type Invoice no. Details Total
Hancock & Brown BACS 23953 Pipe work on the pavilion heating system £590.28
Bee & Cann Ltd BACS 5600 Cleaning Equipment £13.95
Azure Ltd BACS 704 Graffiti Remover £25.99
Amazon BACS 9965 Cleaning Equipment £9.99
YTC Ltd BACS 38866 Masonry Paint £19.99
Hyperbole Ltd BACS 1189 Website work £36.00
Hyperbole Ltd BACS 1196 New Design of Website £1440.00
Smith & Derby BACS 117574 Service of Church Clock £324.00
Jerroms BACS Payroll service Dec 2020 – Feb 2021 £180.00
Vodafone – DR BACS 84611 Telephone £23.62
Zoom – DR BACS 1332 Monthly payment for Zoom service £14.39
Croner BACS 376837 HR Service £146.89
Opus Energy DD 70220807 Electricity for the pavilion £171.59
Staff BACS V242 – 245 Salaries, PAYE & NIC for Feb 2021 £2296.06
Nest DD V246 Pension £40.15
NWBC DD Garage Rent £34.00
P Bellis BACS V241 Fuel for Tractor £8.40
D Robinson BACS V247 Home office exp Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar £80.00
Post Group Midlands Ltd BACS 7462 Coleshill Post article £150.00
Orchard Nurseries BACS 046 Compost for tree saplings £15.98