You invited to attend the Zoom Meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday 29th April 2021 at 6.30pm when the following issues will be considered. The official meeting will start at 6.45pm or at the conclusion of the public forum, whichever is sooner. Please ensure you are present by 6.25pm. Public and Press welcome.

Signature:     D J Robinson               Clerk to the Council                                   Date: 23.04.21

Topic: Parish Council Meeting
Time: Apr 29, 2021 06:30 PM London
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Meeting ID: 856 8818 4315
Pass code: 303510


435. Chairman’s Remarks

436. Apologies for absence and reasons given

437. Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation on items to be discussed.

438. Report from Police

439. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th March 2021            

440. Clerk’s Report

441. To receive reports from Borough and County Councillors

442. To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan

443. To receive an update from the maintenance committee including the Playground equipment

444. Planning

445. To discuss and approve the opening date for the Pavilion

446. To approve the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme Policy

447. Financial Matters

a. To approve electronic and future invoice payments
b. To receive an update on financial matters
c. To consider the Grant Application from the Brownies
d. To consider awarding the Bowls, Tennis and Football Clubs funds from the grant money received from NWBC for loss of income incurred by sports facilities during the pandemic.

448. Correspondence

Agenda item 447a – List of payments

Payee Payment Type Invoice no. Details Total
NWBC BACS 5884618 Ground maintenance to March 2021 £695.58
Hyperbole Ltd BACS 1209 Website administration £90.00
Waterplus BACS 9226 Water bill for pavilion £83.81
NWBC BACS 5885977 Annual Waste Collection Charges £927.50
Gary Marriner BACS V248 Fuel for Tractor £8.06
Ink Trader – DR BACS 87426 Ink Cartridges for printer £54.43
Selco – DR BACS 264433 Maintenance supplies £132.80
WOLF-Garten – DR BACS V251 Tools £37.75
Amazon – DR BACS V250 Maintenance supplies £77.03
Vodafone – DR BACS 37020 Telephone £26.32
Zoom – DR BACS 970060 Monthly payment for Zoom service £14.39
Croner BACS 383110 HR Service £146.89
Opus Energy DD 70397203 Electricity for the pavilion £103.37
Staff BACS V254/5/6/7 Salaries, PAYE & NIC for Feb 2021 £2273.12
Nest DD V258 Pension £40.15
NWBC DD Garage Rent £34.00
P Bellis BACS V253 Fuel for Tractor £8.78
WALC BACS 2021-069 Subscription 2021 £874.80
UK Garden Products – DR BACS 14966 Wall planters £78.97
BHIB BACS 512491 Adjustment to invoice for Bowls Club £83.54
BHIB BACS 512429 Insurance for 2021/22 £6404.64
Online Playgrounds BACS 39943 Paint for play equipment £250.20
Asda – DR BACS V252 Stationery £24.49