Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting

Saturday 20th May 2023 at 6.00pm at Water Orton Primary School Hall.

The Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting is an opportunity for residents on the Electoral Roll for Water Orton to raise any matters of concern to relating to the local community.

Items can be added to the agenda in the time leading up to the meeting and at the meeting itself.

Local Organisations are most welcome to provide a report of their achievements in the past year and plans for the coming year.

Agenda items and reports can be sent to or brought to the meeting if preferred.

Signed    Phillip Robinson      Chairman, Water Orton Parish Council       Date: 12th May 2023




  1. Apologies for absence – Carter Jonas / Warwickshire Property Development Ltd, Warwickshire Police


  1. Chairman’s welcome


  1. Minutes of the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting held on 30th April 2022


  1. Matters arising from the previous minutes


Guest speakers & presentations:


  1. HS2 (BBV) Community Engagement Team


  1. Speedwatch – Judith Cleaver (Water Orton Action Group)


  1. Air Pollution / Air Quality Campaign – Judith Cleaver (Water Orton Community Action Group)


  1. Annual report of the Parish Council – Chairman (Water Orton Parish Council)


  1. Any other organisations present who wish to speak


Neighbourhood Plan


  1. Neighbourhood Plan (annual review and proposed amendments)


 Issues raised by Electors.


  1. Allotments (Annual rent increase/s & services)

a) For Parish Meeting to consider sending a request for the Parish Council to get water at the allotment site on St Blaise Avenue re-connected.

b) For Parish Meeting to consider sending a request for the Parish Council to fund a green bin collection from NWBC for the allotment site.

c) For Parish Meeting to consider sending a request for the Parish Council to adopt an Allotment rent freeze from 2023/24 to 2024/25.


  1. Hedges, Vicarage Lane –to consider sending a request to the Parish Council & Rugby Club to cut back hedges in Vicarage Lane in July to enable people to use the top of the Lane safely when vehicular traffic are using it.


  1. Tennis Club Entrance –to consider requesting a “beware” sign indicating that there is an entrance to the tennis club and if so, to whom the request should be made.


  1. Vicarage Lane entrance to the Playing Field – to discuss potential solutions to accessibility issues for those accessing the playing field from the Vicarage Lane Entrance gate via the drop-down kerbs installed by WCC on St Blaise Avenue and the uneven land (belonging to WCC) upon Vicarage Lane which is often used as a parking area.


  1. Safety Mirror, Coleshill Road – to consider sending a request to Warwickshire County Council that a traffic safety mirror be installed on the triangle of land that you see as you pass the Digby pub on Coleshill Road and the road veers round towards the cricket club.


 Written reports from other local authorities or organisations for information


  1. Warwickshire Police Annual Report for Water Orton