Minutes of the Maintenance Committee meeting held on Wednesday 18th June 2020

Present: Cllrs. Robinson, Bevan, Chown and D Robinson (clerk)

Two quotes for decorating the pavilion while it is closed had been received. The quotes were broken down into three phases to enable the council to spread the cost.
Main Hall, Porch and Kitchen
Changing rooms.

The committee discussed the quotes and it was agreed to have the main hall, porch and kitchen painted first and the work would be carried out by Platinum Interior Decorating. The committee would review the situation once the first phase has been completed and decide on when to have the next phase done and by whom.

Two quotes for installing railings around the pavilion car park had been received. These were discussed and it was noted that one quote included the installation of a gate which had not been requested. It was decided that the clerk ask the company to re quote without the gate and, if possible, obtain a third quote from a local company. It was agreed that if the revised quote and a third quote were still higher than the second original quote would be awarded.

The clerk reported that there were more bags of waste being generated than the current 660lt container could hold. Annual cost for this container is £661.03. To increase the size of the container to 1100lt would cost £909.98 pa. It was agreed to renew the contract and increase the size of the container to 1100lt with immediate effect.

The options for replacing the boiler in the pavilion were discussed. It was agreed that the current system was not efficient or cost effective and should be changed to either gas or electric and to consider solar panels. Cllr Bevan suggested the council look at a more eco-friendly system and not necessarily have gas. Cllr Robinson explained that there was an Electric Green Boiler which could be considered. It was agreed that Cllr Robinson would produce a specification to obtain quotes for all options. The clerk was already progressing the cost for the installation and supply of gas.

The clerk reported that the rent for the garage to store the tractor cost £408 pa. The committee discussed what possibilities were available to the council to find an alternative for where the tractor could be garaged. It was agreed that this would be discussed with the full council at the next meeting.

There had been a site meeting regarding the large dip in the centre of the football pitch. During the heavy rain throughout the winter months a large ‘pond’ had appeared. The groundsman had put down sand to try and absorb the water but this now needed to removed. It was agreed that Cllr Robinson would speak to Gary Stibbs (contractor) and ask him for a price for excavating the area, supply and lay top soil and reseed.