To celebrate the coronation, residents and visitors to Water Orton will be able to have a great day out with this free, augmented reality storytrail.

The King's Wardrobe A Free, Family Trail a lion looks into a wardrobe, 4.5 star trustpilot review score

To celebrate King Charles III’s coronation, Water Orton Parish Council have teamed up with digital experience company High Street Safari to run a free family trail in the village. In this innovative experience, the animal kingdom is having a coronation of its own and who else would be crowned king but Sir Lawrence the Lion. Families get to meet 10 of the King’s best friends on the trail and see what they each suggest he wear for the coronation – spoiler alert, they’re not all very sensible! As players scan QR codes at each stop they get to do mini challenges, see the suggested item and try it on themselves in the ‘selfie studio’. When players have met them all they get to see the fully prepared King in augmented reality and download a free e-book of the story’s conclusion.

A child in a red striped t-shirt scanning a sticker displayed in a window

The idea behind this event is to encourage residents and visitors to be active in Water Orton with a free, exciting event that gets kids out and exercising without even realising it. Helping to develop a sense of community by visiting areas they may not have seen before. It’s hoped to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy a walk, and families looking for a relaxing day out can encourage kids to have a screen-time break and get rewarded at the end.

Residents and visitors can share their photos on social media of their experience of the Kings Wardrobe in Water Orton by using the hashtag #WaterOrtonSafari

The King’s Wardrobe trail is located at ten stops around the Water Orton, positioned so that families can discover hidden parts of the village. The trail takes about an hour to complete but can be completed in more than one visit. It’s completely free for families, groups or individual to take part in and can be done as many times as you like!

The unique technology used on the trail works on any smart device, you don’t need to download an app or sign up to anything! While it has been designed so that there is no need to go inside the venues to participate, why not make a day of it, support your local organisations and businesses and discover just some of what Water Orton has to offer!

The trail runs from Friday 28th April and throughout May. To find out more about the trail, visit the website: