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In the chair:  Cllr, Coldrick

Present:  Cllrs. Chown, Robinson, Lee, N Bevan, O’Meara


In attendance:

Daphne Robinson – Clerk   16 members of the public

Public Forum

A resident from Coleshill Road asked if any traffic calming could be put into place because of speeding and the speed at which drivers cut across the road from Coleshill Road to Plank Lane.  He believed it had been mentioned sometime ago that a Speedwatch program would be put into place.  Another resident explained that the police had arranged training at Maxstoke village hall for volunteers wishing to be involved with the Speedwatch campaign.  She would give the details to the clerk to pass on.

John Warren gave an update on HS2.  He explained that HS2 had a Road Safety fund available. There had been major complaints about the number of trees being removed.  The archaeological dig had discovered significant evidence of the bronze age and iron age.

106. Apologies

B & C Cllr. Reilly and B C Macdonald, Cllr Tripllet, Cllr Kelley

107. Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation:

There were no declarations of interest.

108. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 26th June 2019.

        Proposed by Cllr O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr. Lee and Resolved (unanimously)

        That the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 26th June 2019 were a true      

        Record.  The Chairman signed the minutes.

109. To approve the Standing Orders

Copies of Standing Orders had been issued to all councillors prior to the meeting for comments.  There were no comments raised.

Proposed by Cllr. Robinson, Seconded by Cllr. Bevan and Resolved (unanimously)

That the Standing Orders be approved.

110. To approve the Financial Regulations.

        Copies of the Financial Regulations had been issued to councillors prior to the meeting    

        for comments. There were no comments made.

        Proposed by Cllr. Bevan, Seconded by Cllr. Robinson and Resolved (unanimously) that

        the Financial Regulations be approved.  It was discussed that a Data Protection Officer

        should be appointed.  Cllr. O’Meara agreed to be the Data Protection Officer.

111. To receive a brief update on the status of the Rugby Club and timeline to further


        Mr Lee presented an Ecology Plan which outlined the various stages of the plan      

        including pruning, habitat build, trapping fence, newt migration to habitat and the

        completion of the archaeological surveys.  

        Mr Lee explained that a presentation was being prepared for NWBC regarding various

        conditions to be addressed, including more visibility on Vicarage Lane, the new

        entrance and improvement on natural drainage i.e. clearing of ditches.  A number of

        trees will be planted within the boundary of the club site. Tenders would be issued in

       August.  Construction was expected to commence October but may be slightly delayed

       to November. Completion is expected to be Spring 2021.

       There will be 3 senior pitches and 3 junior pitches.

       It is estimated that traffic will be around 60 – 80 cars on a junior event.  Signage for the

       club entrance is likely to be on Gypsy Lane.  Efforts have been made with highways to

       prevent parking on the roads and there will be enough parking spaces for 130 cars at

       the rugby club.  The rugby club had asked for 170 spaces but HS2 reduced it to 130 by

       allowing overflow parking to be made available on Coleshill Road.

       The chairman thanked Mr Lee for the update.

112. To review and agree the council’s priorities/objectives for the next twelve months.

        Cllr Bevan explained to the members that he believed the council needed to identify

        the councils priorities/objectives for the next twelve months.  He suggested that the

        council consider financially supporting the projects suggested by residents including

       the street planters, Christmas lights, Men’s Shed, Wilder for Wellbeing and VE Day 75

       event on 8th May 2020.

       Cllr Bevan told members he believed that £25, 000 should be ringfenced for these

       Projects and give the Financial committee the delegated powers to spend this money.

       Bearing in mind the council precept increase for 2019/2020 and the chairman’s public

       announcement for residents to put forward their ideas on how the excess money

       should be spent, he believed the council were duty bound to make the funds available.  

       Members were in agreement with Cllr. Bevan.

       It was Proposed by Cllr Bevan, Seconded by Cllr. Lee and Resolved that the Financial

       Committee be given delegated powers to ringfence £25,000 to fund the various

       projects within the community.

113. To receive reports and consider decisions to be made from the following committees:

        Finance Committee – Cllr Robinson explained that the council did not have a payroll

        software program and were therefore unable to issue payslips to the employees.  He

        believed it would be more efficient and economical to outsource the payroll.  He had

        passed on the contact details of Harben & Baker Accountants in Coleshill to the clerk.  

        She had been given a quote of and annual cost of £480.  Cllr. O’Meara commented that

        as she worked in payroll, she believed this to be a very good price.  Council members

        agreed that this would be the best option.

        It was Proposed by Cllr O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Bevan and Resolved (unanimously)

        that the payroll for employees be outsourced to Harben & Baker Accountants in

        Coleshill at an annual cost of £480.

       Maintenance committee – Cllr Robinson reported that the inspection on the drain

       chambers had discovered that it had been installed incorrectly.  The flow is not correct

       and there are broken pipes.  He also said that the manhole covers are domestic rather

       that heavy duty and need to be replaced.    Cllr Robinson explained that the drainage

       work needed to be done as a matter of urgency as the drains keep blocking up.  He

       believed that this was a separate project to that of the resurfacing of the car park and

       did not therefore need to be put out to tender on the government contractor website

       as the cost would be around £3000.  As per the council financial regulations this meant

      that the council only needed the one quote.  Cllr Robinson said that Nedlon, the

      company who had submitted the quote, could carry out the work within the next two

      weeks.  Councillors agreed that this work needed to be carried out as soon as possible

      so that there would be no further delay on the resurfacing of the car park.

      It was Proposed by Cllr Robinson, Seconded by Cllr. Bevan and Resolved (unanimously)

     That Nedlon be commissioned to carry out the drainage work.

114.To consider to support and help with funding of the planters.

      The clerk reported that money had been donated by Cllr. Reilly, The Carnival

       Committee, The PCC and WHS Plastics ltd towards the purchase of 8 planters.  There

       was a shortfall of £1500.  The council had already resolved to help with the cost of the

       planters (minute ref. 112) Councillors acknowledge the donations received from the

      various organisations and thanked them for their support and generosity.


115. To consider to support and help with funding of the Christmas lights

       An email from Cllr Macdonald informed the council that the Water Orton Action Group

       had been asked to project manage the Christmas light display.  She reported that she      

       had emailed several business asking for donations towards the project, but had not had  

       any response.  The total initial cost would be £5108.56 with annual costs for  

      the following 3 years of £1814.00 per year.  The council had already resolved to fund

       the cost of the Christmas lights and budget for the annual cost (minute ref. 112)

116. To consider to support VE Day celebrations in May 2020.

       The clerk reported that SSAFA- the Armed Forces charity had issued details for town

       and parish councils to participate in the VE Day 75 celebrations on the weekend of 8th

       May 2020.  All the information could be found on the website

       The council said they would support any celebrations and help to fund if necessary.  It  

       would need to be run by a voluntary group which should consist of representatives and  

       or input from all organisations in the village.

       It was agreed that the clerk would put an article in the Coleshill Post and that a notice

       should go on the council website asking for volunteers.

117. To receive a report from Cllr Lee regarding facilities in the village for young people.

       Cllr. Lee reported that in her role as one of the governors of the school, she had spoken

       to year 6 to ask what facilities they would like.  The girls said they would like to have

       more arts and crafts workshops for after school and during school holidays.  The boys

       wanted more facilities to learn how to use tools and make things with wood.  It was

       noted that the library has craft workshops and Knit and Natter.  There was a

       suggestion that the Men’s Shed project would be an ideal opportunity for young people

       to work with tools and gain experience from the Men’s Shed members.  It was unclear if

       the Men’s Shed was up and running.  The clerk would find out.  It was agreed that there  

       were plenty of facilities for those interested in sport but not for those who were not.

118. To review options for an office for the clerk.

       It was agreed this would be deferred to the September meeting.

119. To receive a report on the play equipment.

        Cllr Chown reported that the annual inspection report had been received from NWBC

       and there was nothing that needed to be highlighted.  He did feel that appeared very

       similar in its contents to previous reports and would like to meet with the inspector    

       when the next inspection is carried out.  The clerk said she would talk to NWBC

       regarding the report’s contents.

120. To discuss the aircraft noise and the flight path over Water Orton.

        As this was an item requested by Cllr. Triplett and she was absent, it was agreed to  

        defer this item to a later agenda.

121. Financial Matters –

       To consider the purchase and installation of a baby changing unit.  The clerk had

       received a quote of £395.00.  Councillors agreed that this needed to be done as soon as

       possible. It was Proposed by Cllr. Robinson, Seconded by Cllr Lee and Resolved  

       (unanimously) to accept the quote and for the clerk to arrange for the purchase and

       installation of the baby changing unit.

      To give a breakdown of the professional costs from the 2018/19 council accounts as

       requested by a resident.  The clerk explained that the costs included cost for the

       accountant to produce the previous year’s accounts for the external auditor as there

       was no clerk or RFO. There were medical fees paid for assessments for the clerk In line  

       with the council’s obligation in aiding the clerk to be able to return to work.

      To approve automated payments and future payments to be made.

      A full list of payments had been issued to councillors.  It was Proposed by Cllr Bevan.

      Seconded by Cllr Robinson and Resolved (unanimously) that the automated payments

      and future payments be approved.    

122. Correspondence

       Cllr Coldrick had received a letter from Miss McKenzie regarding a contact to obtain a

       photograph of Dr Somerby.  A resident said she would be able to find a photograph.

123. To agree who would install the new notice board and dog bin

       The clerk acknowledged that as the council did not have a handy man and these two

       items needed to be installed.  It was suggested that she contact Orton Installation to

       see if they would be interested in doing the work.

124. To discuss the potential parking problems which may occur once the new school


       Cllr Robinson said he had concerns regarding the parking problems which may occur

       once the new school opened.  Cllr Lee informed members that the school had arranged

       to have police present for the first three weeks of the school opening.  She explained

       there was a car park in the school grounds to drop off the very young children.  For

       children in year 2 and above there would be a circular drop off system.  This system will

       be reviewed if it doesn’t work.  The Digby car park had also been made available.

125. To consider having one page every other month in the Coleshill Post instead of every    

        quarter. The clerk reported that the cost of having one page every other month would    

        be cheaper than quarterly.  It would also give more up to date information to the      

        readers.  The annual cost for quarterly publication was £1200.00.  The annual cost for 6

        issues would be £900.00.  It was Proposed Cllr Robinson, Seconded by Cllr. Bevan and

       Resolved (unanimously) that the council have an alternate monthly page in the Coleshill


126. To consider the Local Plan and Green Spaces and confirm to the NWBC if these spaces

       should be retained and to justify the reasons for being retained.

       The map received by the clerk from NWBC highlighting the Green Spaces within the

       village had been circulated to councillors.  It was noted that The Green was not marked

       as an open green space.  It was Proposed by Cllr. Bevan, Seconded by Cllr O’Meara and

       Resolved (unanimously) that the Green Spaces on the Local Plan be retained and to

       include The Green and the section of land between Coleshill Road and Watton Lane

       which is maintained by the parish council.

127. Exclusion of Public and Press – That under the Public Bodies (admission to Meetings)  

       Act 1960, the public and representatives if the press be excluded from the meeting

       during the consideration of the following items of business as publicity would be

       prejudicial to the public interest because of the confidential nature of the business to

       be transacted.  The council Resolved to exclude the public and press.

       Quotes received for both options for either removing or reducing the two polar trees on

       the Playing Field.  Copies of quotes had been issued to councillors for their    

       consideration.  The quotes were similar in cost.  It was agreed by councillors that the

       trees were fast growing and not a significant species worthy of being retained.  It was  

      agreed that it would be more economical to have the trees removed completely.  The

      council Resolved to award the contract to Greens Tree Services Ltd and that the

      stumps be ground to prevent regrowth.

      Greens Tree Services were the only company to quote to reduce the height of the

      laurels round the Green Room and to carry out a Tree survey on the trees the council

      were responsible for.  The council Resolved to award the work to be carried out on the

      laurels and the tree survey to Greens Tree Services Ltd.  Cllr. Robinson suggested that

      the Clerk found out who planted the laurels and inform the Company of the Curtain

      would be paying for the work to be carried out.  He said that if the Company of the

      Curtain planted the laurels then the council should perhaps consider asking them for a

      contribution to future work.

     The Chairman produced an email from Cllr. Hodkinson submitting his resignation as a

     parish councillor.  Cllr. Hodkinson explained that due to work commitments he was no

     longer able to attend meetings.  He wished the council success for the future.  The

     Chairman said he had tried to pursued Cllr Hodkinson to remain but to no avail.  The  

     clerk would notify the returning officer and begin the process for filling the vacancy.