Meeting 31st October 2018

Minutes of meeting held Wednesday 31st October 2018

1 311018-Attendees:

  • Cllr Ralph Coldrick – Chair
  • Cllr Keith Hodkinson – Vice-Chair
  • Cllr Chris Chown
  • Cllr Tom Foley
  • Cllr Steve Stuart
  • Cllr Margaret Triplett


  • Cllr Ray Payne
  • Cllr Russell Lowe
  • Cllr Dan Hodkinson

2 311018 – Borough Councillors

Apologies – Cllr Ray Payne and Cllr David Reilly

Updates scheduled for next meeting.

3 311018 – Declarations of interest

Cllr Sue Kelley – New Road

Cllr Chris Chown – Bowls Club

Cllr Russell Lowe – WHS ltd

Cllr Margaret Triplett – WHS ltd

Cllr Steve Stuart – Tennis Club and Bowls Club

4 311018 – Police matters – update

PC Scott Ramsell in attendance

Feedback around the comments in regard to lack of policing There have been a surge of car crimes with Water Orton and the surrounding areas. Crimes are up by 8 and plain clothes police will be patrolling through the village at various times.

Cllr Ralph and Cllr Steve attended the Police commissioners meeting where a discussion around parking by the shops and inappropriately was high on the agenda. Cllr David has an action plan in progress will update as and when ready.

Discussion also around speed watch but Cllr Sue shared there have only been 2 residents along with Cllr Sue who are interested despite 2 posts being within the villager. This will be tried again as many residents are unhappy with the speed through the village.

Discussion around the lights being back on but this proves to be difficult.

Cllr Steve asked if there was any feedback regard the recent car crimes.

Outcome – Sue contact borough re lights on in the village.

PC Scott Ramsell will look into car crime returns.

5 311018- Public Questions

Parishioner questioned whether, if a crime is reported do they not have feedback? PC Scott shared the process involved when reporting a crime. Discussion around the missing person, deceased by the motorway recently.

Discussions around the smell within the village from Beaver metals.

Discussion around the planters of which Serena has offered to assist with. It was shared that Cllr Ray used to assist with the wooden tubs; Cllr Keith shared that the cast iron planters are planted by Orchard nurseries. The cost of the wooden planters which were planted by local business will be looked into .

Discussion around the mess from the dog bins and how untidy the village is in respect of this. Is it worth highlighting the cost of this in the villager?

Resident shared in regard to the overhanging of trees and the responsibility of the owner. Cllr Keith shared that previously if the landowner did not trim then the council do and charge should it be an obstruction.

To do – Serena will look into the planters.

Cllr Keith the cost of a new dog bin and placement by Mytton Road.

Sue contact Paul to paint yellow signs around the village.

6 311018 – Minutes of meeting held   26th September  2018


07 31 1018 – Matters arising from the minutes.


08 31 1018 – Financial Matters

A] Current account – £129,931.70

B] Deposit Account – £28,889.51

2nd Precept within the balance.

Loan already taken out.

C] Update resigning of cheques – currently being chased by the Chair.

Discussion around the balances and why they amount to the above. Some speculation by residents around the balance so it was explained about the cost in preparation for the car park and the recent playground refurbishment. It will cost around £40,000-£60,000 for the car park, gates have been purchased.

Discussion around the use of social media to pass messages on where the inference of information may be misconstrued .

9 311018 – HS2 updates – John Warren- apologies

10 311018 – Correspondence – update re emails and any other correspondence distributed.

Correspondence in regards to an overhanging tree in the passage way from St Blaise onto Coleshill Road, who is responsible for this ?

Cllr Keith shared it was Church land?

Some correspondence around the thoughts in regard to the land options posed by Kingsleigh Homes . Some agree Plank Lane is out of the question however some feel affordable social housing a key but with replacement land within the village as the village is not the outskirts. Kingsleigh Homes have not yet contacted the Council about this.

Discussion from Cllr Tom and Cllr Steve about the land at the dog pub and the community asset . Discussion around village green status – conservation status? The land is common land? Keep it as an open space The land is still owned by Punch Taverns. It was raised that should a build be considered then the proposers need to inform the Parish council first.

Serena questioned what we could do with the land. Another resident shared how the fly tipping is the responsibility of the land owner.

Cllr Steve suggested we could contact punch taverns. Cllr Steve also shared that on regular occasions he collects the rubbish from the area.

Questions raised about the copy of the minuets- Cllr Keith said they have always been in the library.

WALC are holding their AGM 12.1..18.

To do – Sue contact council re passages ways

Sue contact Punch Taverns and the dog?

11 3110118 – Web design update.

Cllr Ralph – chair – shared how the Parish council have been let down by the previous web designer and we are moving forward with a new contact. Cllr Ralph has volunteered to be the named person along with Cllr Steve.

A resident shared how a copy in the library would be useful for those who do not have access to the internet. Cllr Steve shared there is internet access in the library. Currently the borough council do not place minutes in the library.

A Resident shared how if you wish access to the minutes from the county or borough you need to write for access.

We are awaiting passwords, which will be safely stored, uploading of minutes to follow, Cllr Ralph shared how the Council aim to not be in the same predicament as previously.

Cllr Tom shared how the council managed well without the web page before and we still can now.

Cllr Ralph shred how it would be kept simple.

Cllr Ralph gave thanks to Cllr Tom and Cllr Margaret for attending the web page meeting.

12 311018 – War Memorial update.

Judy shared the days experience with the council and members of the public in attendance . A successfully day for all. Pro Logis have agreed to landscape the area with a possible 2/3 options which Judy will get back to the council about. The maintenance of the site will be placed into their contract for upkeep .

Outcome – Judy will feedback any updates re landscaping

13 311018 – Planning applications – see attached.

New applications circulated.

14 311018 – Decisions

See Sheet distributed.

15 311018 –villager

Next issue in December for Councillors should they wish to place an article.

Information around Dog bins will be published.

Discussion around the news spread used in the villager by others. Parish council are paying for their information slot.

16 311018 – Playing fields, Pavilion and open spaces.

Chris shared the dilemma about the swings and the misunderstanding with borough council about the repairs to the swings. Although the swings are up there is one which needs repair and the borough will see to these which seems difficult to comprehend as the site was recently passed during the yearly survey. On Cllr Chris’s check to today all was well. Painting needs refreshing which is on Pauls list of things to do.

Cllr Chris was thanked for all his hard work .

Discussion around the gate to the park will have the metal signs on for ‘no dogs allowed.’

Cllr Keith and Cllr Ralph shared the meeting with Paul and the list of jobs he has picked up.

Cllr Keith now needs to contact Honneybourne re the car park and will discuss this with Cllr Russell.

To do – Keith to contact Honneybourne .

17 311018 – Tennis Club / bowls club updates

Cllr Margaret has tirelessly chased up the lease and the issues raised over the rent review. The Parish council are now waiting for the solicitors once again.

Cllr Chris shared that the Bowls AGM is in November and the discussion around the lease will be on the agenda.

The bowls club have also mentioned the possibility of floodlights. Cllr Ralph suggested they seek the resident’s views on this first. There could be discussions with the rugby club too.

Cllr Ralph reminded Cllr Chris re ensuring he water is drained and turned off.

18 311018 – Highways and environment

Cllr Tom shared that there has been no feedback after the walk around the white city with Cllr David.

Resident’s pointed out the repair to the bridge is not in keeping with the rest of the bridge.

Resident’s shared the parking of HGV ‘s causing a nuisance on MARSH lane.

Cllr Keith suggested contacting the council re the salt for the bins in preparation for the winter months ahead..

To do – Sue contact Cllr David re walk around, bridge repairs, marsh lane parking, smell from Beaver metals, council re salt bins.

19 311018 – Accounts for payment

Cheques already drawn.

Cheques to be drawn at this meeting

Invoices have been distributed, cheques to be drawn re groundsman and clerk, Nathan and any other arising payments due.

20 311018 – Any matters arsing for notification and report

The Chairman will propose that in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the public and press be excluded for these items in view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted and the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 14 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.

Updates from last meeting – Follow ups

Email sent to David Reilly re:

  • Lights on
  • Bridge repairs
  • Smell beaver metals

Fleet re line marker

Contact Paul re yellow dog signs.

Serena chasing up the planters in the Village

Contact Punch Taverns.

Emails also sent to Andy Keating re:

  • Passages ways
  • Salt bins

Logging off contacted re the trees by the school. Work will begin in November 2018.

Letters to Birmingham council re bridge

To do – re chase up bin on Watton Lane

Baby changing unit please see attached info.