Meeting 26th September 2018

Minutes of meeting held Wednesday 26th September 2018

1 260918-Attendees:

  • Cllr Keith Hodkinson – Vice-Chair – acting as chair for this meeting
  • Cllr Sue Kelley
  • Cllr Chris Chown
  • Cllr Tom Foley
  • Cllr Steve Stuart
  • Cllr Margaret Triplett
  • Cllr Dan Hodkinson


  • Cllr Ralph Coldrick – chair
  • Cllr Russell Lowe

2 260918 –Borough Councillors

Apologies – Cllr Ray Payne and Cllr David Reilly

Updates scheduled for next meeting.

3 260918- Declarations of interest. 

Cllr Sue Kelley – New Road

Cllr Chris Chown –  Bowls Club

Cllr Russell Lowe – WHS ltd

Cllr Margaret Triplett – WHS ltd

Cllr Steve Stuart – Tennis Club and Bowls Club

4 260918 – Police matters – update

PCSO Jane Owen –  reported that there had been a few incidents within the village ,Corsas are being striped for parts. 12 Vehicle crimes have been reported on West beat. Warwickshire Police are currently liaising with West Midlands Police as it is presumed that the suspects are from the West Midlands area. Action is being taken and a request for street lighting to be put back on for a spell along with vigilant spells throughout the village.

Cllr Margaret shared the nuisance of bicycle annoyance when they ride in front of cars displaying anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Sue asked if this was being raised within schools in the local areas.

PCSO shared this is already on the cards.

Outcome – chasing up of lights on after dark in the village.

5 260918- Public Questions –

John Warren shares concerns over the hedges on Vicarage Lane .

Cllr Keith shared this was highways responsibility however we can look into the hedges being trimmed on the other side.

Joules – a childminder raised the question of a baby changing station for the disabled toilet area.

Cllr ——–raised the play equipment needs to be re-located. Paul could look into using the area in the rear of the compound making access to the store shed.

Joules also commented about dogs within the play area and fouling taking place. Joules was happy to laminate notices. Joules also shared that she has on occasions challenged people about this and asked the question of we were allowed to take photos of the culprits. This is a public open space should we name and shame.

Cllr Keith thanked Joules but shared that the council are awaiting metal notices to be placed there. Contractor for the gates will be dealing with this.

Parishioner also made reference to the post within the villager and the possibility of dog wardens in place.

Cllr Keith shared that there is only limited access to dog wardens, one for the whole of the borough. The information can be passed to Cllr Ray and Cllr David.

Serena asked if we had a map of the dog bins which could be used as a follow up article in the Villager.

Cllr Steve felt this should be raised with Cllr David.

Parishioner shared it is a health hazard to children. Discussions around the distribution of Dog nags by bins, approaching culprits in high Vis vests, bags within the library.

The cost of clearing dead wood from the trees on Plank Lane via Logging off to be £300 per day over 5 days work. This was agreed to go ahead.

To do – Cllr Sue will chase this up with highways. Also logging off

Look into process for baby changing unit and placement thereof.

Cllr Sue to email Cllr David re the above and write to Cllr Ray. Chase up a bin by the bus stop Watton lane and Gypsy Lane.

6 260918 – Minutes of meeting held 2018


07 260918-   Matters arising from the minutes.


08 260918 – Financial Matters

A] Current account –

B] Deposit Account –

C] Update resigning of cheques – currently being chased by the Chair.

9 260918 – HS2 updates – John Warren

Meeting re HS2 last week. £.5MILLION go ahead for the school. Lots of points have been raised about the car park, lack of public footpath, drop off zone, diversion of springs in Plank Lane. Signs have been requested for certain areas to not have construction traffic past a certain point.

Concerns from John raised about the completion date for the school as it is close to the school re opening after the Summer holidays. John also shared that HS2 said they would not start the build of HS2 until the children are in the new school. 2019 construction work starts however the school will not be completed until August 2019. It was discarded that Plank Lane be a one way traffic system. Discussion around the confusion of drop off and pick up were to be held.

Hs2 have taken the land where the cattle used to be the farmer did fight this battle, but lost. A satellite compound will be placed there. The haul Road should take the construction traffic from Watton Lane round the Village to Birmingham. 26 new pylons to be built but this should not affect the traffic.

Chair thanked John for all his hard work. This was also echoed by Cllr Steve who also shared the build of the new school needs to be ready by the September 2019. Studies have shown how the education of children goes downs after a new build possibly due to organising and schedules which need to be in place.

Chair shared how it has been felt that the County council have been vague over some of the information around HS2, but the subcontractors more forthcoming. A parishioner shared how they felt the National Grid had been more up front about their plans.

John shared how at the recent meeting about HS2 an apology was given about taking down the trees before notice was given.

10 260918 – Correspondence – update re emails and any other correspondence

None received

11 2609118 – Web design update.

This is currently with Cllr Russell

12 260918 – War Memorial update.

An email around the dedication service has been shared with Cllr Ralph, as chair who would be placing a wreath on the memorial.

£20.00 cost for wreath was agreed

13 260918 – Planning applications – see attached.

New applications circulated.

14 260918 – Decisions

See Sheet distributed.

15 260918 – Villager

Next issue in December for Councillors should they wish to place an article.

Information around Dog bins will be published.

16 260918 – Playing fields, Pavilion and open spaces.

Feedback on the incident around the white line paint on the car park, now dealt with.

Cllr Chris has completed his visual inspection of the play areas. Issues around the goal post screws missing. Stop to gate missing and the issue around the missing swing still on going. There has been some positive feedback about the roundabout. Sample of new wet pore shown which carries a 10-15 year guarantee. If used it would raise the slope on the gate. It was suggested that this be looked into in next years budget.

Cllr Keith will organise dog signs and goal posts.

Cllr ——- to see Paul about this.

Cllr Chris will look into a quote for work by the sea saw possible next year.

17 260918 – Tennis Club / bowls club updates

Cllr Margaret updated the council in regards to the wording for the lease which has now been organised.

Cllr Chris shared the bowls club had won some awards recently.

18 290818 – Highways and environment

Notices re traffic calming for HS2 vehicles through the village

Feedback form Cllr Sue re emails have been sent in regards to the drain cover and missing sign. Awaiting feedback.

Serena offered to look into the Planters around the village as they are looking untidy and need some uplifting. Serena shared she would look into local businesses contributing to this. Signage possible on and sponsorship suggested.

Cllr Sue to contact Cllr Ray re planters and orchard nurseries.

19 290818 – Accounts for payment

Cheques already drawn.

Cheques to be drawn at this meeting

Invoices have been distributed, cheques to be drawn re groundsman and clerk, Nathan and any other arising payments due.

20 290818 – Any matters arsing for notification and report

The Chairman will propose that in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the public and press be excluded for these items in view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted and the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 14 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.

 Updates from last meeting – Follow ups

  • Email sent to David Reilly re:
  • Lights on
  • Polite reminder about the hedges by the school
  • Dog warden
  • Passages ways re leaves by Overton and White City also St Blaise and Coleshill Road

Serena I believe was chasing up the planters in the Village

Emails also sent to Andy Keating re:

  • Cutting of bushes which are not on our side
  • Updating road signs on the road in some areas
  • Completion of new tarmac
  • Give way sign at Coleshill rd /New Rd missing

Cllr Reilly is working with our Traffic Safety Team in an attempt to prevent  HGV’s entering Minworth Road,

Logging off contacted re the trees by the school. Work will begin in November 2018.

Baby changing unit please see attached info.

To do – re chase up bin on Watton Lane.

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