Meeting 29th August 2018

Minutes of meeting held Wednesday 29th August 2018

In attendance by request – Kingsleigh Homes in regard to land development by The Dog Pub.

1 290818-Attendees:

  • Cllr Ralph Coldrick – Chair
  • Cllr Sue Kelley
  • Cllr Chris Chown
  • Cllr Tom Foley
  • Cllr Steve Stuart
  • Cllr Margaret Triplett
  • Cllr Russell Lowe


  • Cllr Keith Hodkinson
  • Cllr Steve Stuart

2 290818 –Borough Councillors

Apologies – Cllr Ray Payne

In attendance – Cllr David Reilly

David’s notes – Some money left from the grant of £6,000. Chair asked if there was any exclusion from requesting an amount. Cllr David shared that it was not available for personal wages.

Walk around in the White City has been arranged Wednesday 19.09.18 at 11 am , meeting at the residents hall. Outcome is to produce an action plan to benefit the residents of the White City in regard to some of the points raised at previous meetings i.e parking, roadside kerbs, footpaths , management of footpaths and the passage through to Overton Drive. Cllr Tom will attend.

Cllr David will email the chair some of the concerns in regard to the garage complexes and ownership of the lands here. Also what could we do on regards to communal areas? We need to be clear about open spaces. Chair raised a conversation he had had with 3 people from London on regard to their purchasing a small plot of land at Orton Close.

Hs2 phase 2 will start around 2026 possible plans to take out the railhead which impacts on J9 and A 446

Environmental statement is due out and in October looking into the borough and land/ housing.

Chair thanked Cllr David for his update.

Kinglseigh Homes entered the meeting at around 7.50pm and were asked to present their suggestions and possible plans.

Kingsleigh homes presented their offer of a replacement village green – on Plank Lane. This was their offer due to their proposal of development for houses by the Dog Pub on land they considered to be classed as a Village Green and which they were prepared to purchase other land to replace this. Discussion took place over this land as some parishioners in the meeting considered this to be an open space and one which should remain so in the same place.

Kingsleigh home assured the council and its parishioners in attendance that they had researched this, what appeared to be land which was overgrown and unkempt. The 1967 official record show this to be a Village Green No legal obligation to upkeep it.

Public – it is a space which they wished to keep.

Chair – what was the proposal and their intentions for the current ground. Also discussion around rumours about the purchase of the bungalows nearby.

Kingsleigh homes- We wish to give the Village like for like. Plank Lane is an attractive offer.

Cllr Sue – felt it was not within the Village, more outside and further to go. Accessibility? Any new builds under the affordability heading? Felt the Village was already over subscribed.

Kingsleigh homes – Distance in walking to Plank Lane the same. Under the 10 house in regards to affordability so none will be available.

Chair- Are there other plans to extend? Promises in the past have been broken.

Kingsleigh understand the demand is for 3 and 4 bedroomed family homes.

Cllr Margaret – are they semis?

Kingsleigh Homes – Yes

Cllr Russell – in terms of maintenance what are the plans

Kingsleigh Homes – will kick start this

John Warren – how does this fit in with the North Warwickshire Plan.

Cllr David – only the new school build is in the plan.

Cllr David – the site is green belt. 9 homes does not bring affordability. No planning application has been submitted.

Kingsleigh homes – Their contract says to re-designate the Village land then apply.

Cllr David – Maintenance grant suggest 20 years?

Public felt the Plank Lane suggestion was not a good, viable and safe suggestion and did not approve. It was not a reasonable and accessible suggestion. As a Parrish council tax payer it is not what they want their money to go towards. It also suggests through the build smaller access to the Dog Pub which is part of the community which it serves.

Kingsleigh Homes – it displaces the car park to the left.

Chair – we do not want to lose any further Village Green and suggest this information is given to the public through an article in the Villager so we can collate any thoughts and feelings around this.

Chair thanked Kingsliegh homes and extended the welcome to stay through the meeting. Kingsleigh homes left.

3 290818- Declarations of interest.

Cllr Sue Kelley – New Road

Cllr Chris Chown – Bowls Club

Cllr Russell Lowe – WHS ltd

Cllr Margaret Triplett – WHS ltd

Cllr Steve Stuart – Tennis Club and Bowls Club

4 290818 – Police matters – update

PCSO Jane Owen- no updates.

5 290818- Public Questions –

Parishioner raised the point around the trees along Vicarage Lane, dead branches were falling into their garden . They would like this to be looked into. Picture handed to the chair around this matter.

Discussion around how some of the trees are our responsibility.

Outcome – Cllr Sue to call logging off .

Parishioner rasied the question re the absence of the Clerk. Of which the Chair replied the clerk is still on sick leave. The parishioner also asked if the council could replace the clerk. This was not open to discussion due to confidentiality.

6 290818 – Minutes of meeting held 25th July 2018


07 290818 –  Matters arising from the minutes.


08 290818 – Financial Matters

A] Current account –

B] Deposit Account –

C] Update resigning of cheques – currently being chased by the Chair.

9 290818 – HS2 updates – John Warren

Thanks from the chair to John and Chris for the efforts in obtaining monies from HS2 to help with play equipment.

Johns updates – little on the HS2 side. The compound has now moved across to the Rugby pitch area. Phase 1 unstoppable Phase 2 costing more than planned. John felt the Haul Road will succeed awaiting confirmation.

Cllr Chris asked , what if they were to stop phase 2?

Johns uptake was that the line would still join connecting to Manchester. There maybe no Y junction, but who knows.

10 290818 – Correspondence – update re emails and any other correspondence

None received.

11 290818 – Web design update.

Margaret has visited Lees house but no contact made.

Chair asked Cllr Russell if there was a rough idea in regards to the web page . Cllr Russell shared we need to meet to discuss this with our new provider and will make contact.

Cllr Tom shared that we would all need new passwords.

12 290818 – War Memorial update.

Parishioner asked in regard to a name for the memorial, Orton Fell, the triangular space for the memorial.

Sue to email Judy for updates and to share that Ralph will attend the ceremony.

13 290818 – Planning applications – see attached.

New applications to be circulated at the meeting.

Application for a dropped kerb on Watton Lane may ease the mud issue.

14 290818 – Decisions

See Sheet distributed.

15 290818 – Playing fields, Pavilion and open spaces.

Cllr Chris Chown reported that the inspection was ok. Swing on Plank Lane still missing. The yearly reposted gave a good breakdown of what the borough do and what we are responsible for. Cllr Chris shared the equipment needs painting and a dog sign welded to the gates. Cllr Chris asked if our new groundsman could paint the equipment and Cllr Chris will chase up Greyhound re any repairs.

Cllr Chris raised again re the bushes near Water Orton school and the trimming back of.

Cllr Chris also raised that social media have portrayed that the money on the play equipment was not well spent.

Parishioner asked if there could be signs to say it is for children only.

Cllr Sue will email Cllr David re his groundsperson to complete this.

Cllr Keith will see Paul re the signs

16 290818 – Villager

Articles need to be in by the end of September.

Cllr Ralph will place an article re Kingsleigh homes proposition. Cllr Tom will place an article re Dog fouling and Cllr Sue will update re speed watch

17 290818 – Tennis Club / bowls club updates

Tennis club lease just a tweak of wording. Some discussion over the 25year , 10 year rolling lease as some mixed message and slight changes along the way have held things up.

Chair thanked Cllr Margaret for doing a sterling job in chasing this up. All the councillors have commitments outside the duties, some full time employment and thanks extended to all those involved. Paul has agreed to the terms of the lease.

Bowls club have not had an invoice.

Sue will raise an invoice for payment.

18 290818 – Highways and environment

Notices re traffic calming for HS2 vehicles through the village .

19 290818 – Accounts for payment

Cheques already drawn.

Cheques to be drawn at this meeting

Invoices have been distributed, cheques to be drawn re groundsman and clerk, Nathan and any other arising payments due.

20 290818 – Any matters arsing for notification and report

The Chairman will propose that in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the public and press be excluded for these items in view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted and the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 14 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.

For next meeting

Feedback Jacquies meeting

Keith collect a present

Dan and Ralph a job description etc for Nathan

Carpet clean

Feedback meeting re Chris Giles.

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