To be held at the Pavilion, Openfield Croft, at 7:00pm on Thursday 30th November 2023

Members of the public and the press are welcome to attend.

You are invited to attend a meeting of Water Orton Parish Council to be held at the Pavilion, Openfield Croft at 7:00pm on Thursday
30th November 2023 at which the following business will be transacted.

If you have any queries regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk.

Rachel Scully
Parish Clerk


Public Agenda.30.11.2023.1

Appendices (ZIP file)  first published on 23.11.23

Complete Appendices – published 29.11.23

(Appendix 01)-Draft Minutes-26.10.2023

(Appendix 02) Email from Cllr Nattasha Freeman to Cllr Martin Watson

(Appendix 02 a) – Response to Martin Watson-County Highways.27.11.2023

(Appendix 03) Payment Schedule-November 2023_

(Appendix 03 b)-Itemised Ground works_

(Appendix 03 a)-Bank Balances

(Appendix 04) Water Orton Parish Council Risk Management Asessement

(Appendix 05)- Clerks Report_

(Appendix 05 a)-NALC-New Pay Scales 01 April 2023

(Appendix 06) -Shelter

(Appendix 07)- Email-Heritage Culture Group

(Appendix 07 a)-Email to North Warwickshire-Extension of the Water Orton Conservation Area

(Appendix 08) Email – North Warwickshire Communications-PSPO Dog Fouling

(Appendix 08a ) PSPO-Dog Fouling_Consultation Report. Oct 23

(Appendix 09 a)- Final Parish Charges Determinations

(Appendix 09) Charges for uncontested and contested parish elections-May 2023

(Appendix 10) Former Water Orton Primary School-Meeting Request

(Appendix 10a) Former Water Orton Primary School-Proposed site layout option

(Appendix 10b) Former Water Orton Primary School-Proposed footpath diversion

(APPENDIX 10c)- Response email from Heritage Culture Group to planning proposals

(Appendix 11) Agenda Reporting Sheet -Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund Bids.1

Application Consultation-HS2.2023.0009