Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 9th November 2021

Present:  Cllrs. Robinson, Chown, Hailstone, Smith, C O’Meara & Rees
Daphne Robinson – Clerk
Mr S. Stuart Chairman School Board of Governors
1 member of the public

  1. Chairman’s Remarks
    Cllr Robinson advised that the parish council are keen to work with the school and that this meeting had been called to give Mr Stuart the opportunity to explain the operation of the school.
  1. Apologies
    Cllr B O ‘Meara – Working, Cllrs. Bevan and Freeman – personal reasons
    C Cllr M Watson – unable to attend.
    The reasons were accepted by members.
  1. Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation on items to be discussed.
  1. To increase understanding among Parish Councillors as to the operation of the school.
    Mr Stuart advised that he had been the chairman of the board of governors for two months.  He gave members details of the number of children attending the school, size of classes and annual intake.  The school has provisions for children with special educational needs and before and after school clubs operate at the school.
  1. To detail the aims and objectives of the school in relation to School improvement, community engagement and fundraising.
    Mr Stuart reported on the finances available to the running of the school, recognising previous poor governance and the steps being taken to improve this.
    He advised that Mr Lewis, the current headteacher, would be leaving in December 2021.  The objectives include improving educational standards, improving the school environment and resources, maintain sustainability, improve oversights and increase co-ordination and to encourage the school to become the centre of the community.  To create more opportunity to engage with the community through parents and children.
  1. To seek approval for councillors either named or generically to act as liaison with the school, its governors and stakeholder organisations with a view to explore and investigate areas for potential collaboration, areas where work may tessellate and also identify where possible conflicts / duplications of effort can be avoided.
    Mr Stuart explained the structure of the board of governors.  The council agreed it would work with the school in line with its permitted powers.  Unfortunately, the parish council was unable to assist with funding directly with the school but if a constituted PTA was formed then it could apply for grants from the parish council.
  1. To gain a clear understanding of what delegated authority representatives from the council may have.
    It was explained that there was no specific position for a parish councillor on the board but Mr Stuart wanted to liaise with a councillor.  The clerk explained no individual councillor has powers to make decisions on behalf of the council and the most straightforward point of contact would be through the clerk.
    It was agreed that an item regarding issues, reports and/or updates on the school would be added to future parish council agendas where applicable.

Cllr Robinson thanked Mr Stuart for his presentation and said that it had been most informative.