Present:          Cllrs. Robinson (Chair), Bevan, B. O’Meara, C O’Meara, Hailstone, Chown &  Rees.

Clerk – Daphne Robinson 

BC J Macdonald                      1 member of the public

285. Chairman’s Report  Cllr Robinson acknowledged there had been problems with large numbers of young people gathering on the playing field and the amount of litter left behind.  He believed the situation had abated.  He reported that the hedgerows on Plank Lane and Birmingham road were well overgrown and needed some investigation on who was responsible.  Cllr. Macdonald said she had spoken to NWBC & CC who were getting the pavements swept and addressing the overhanging branches and hedgerows issue.

286. Apologies CC & BC D Reilly

287.Declaration of interest and request for dispensation on items to be discussed     None

288. Report from Police    There was no report from the police

289. Public Forum  A resident asked when the library would be reopening.  Cllr Rees explained the community library take their lead from Warwickshire County Library and at present none of their libraries were opening.  It would be September earliest but not definite. A resident asked about the continued fly tipping at the entrance of the ash path, as it was still as bad.  Cllr Macdonald said she believed Cllr Reilly had spoken to Birmingham City Council about this.  She said she would speak to Cllr Reilly to see if there had been any progress.

290. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 24th June 2020  It was Proposed by Cllr B O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr C O’Meara and Resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 24th June 2020.

291. Matters arising from the minutes The clerk reported that she and Cllr Chown had met with Greyhound Leisure to discuss the repairs required on the playground equipment.  The decorating of the main room and kitchen would start on 14th August  The clerk had arranged for Broadband to be installed through Plusnet and was waIting for a date from them for the installation.  The clerk had contact Hughie Willett to get an update on the repairs and service of the tractor.  HW were waiting for the front tyres to be delivered.  They were due at the beginning of August. The clerk had subscribed to Parish Online.

292. Receive reports from Borough and County Councillors  Cllr Macdonald reported that the landscaping for the Memorial site was significantly overdue due to the pandemic.  She explained she was pushing to ensure the path and planting could be sanctioned by WCC highways to go ahead as soon as possible. There had been an offer made by a resident to pay for the purchase and installation of a flagpole on the memorial site. She asked if councillors would be agreeable to this, which they said they were.  Cllr Macdonald advised that she and Cllr Reilly had been invited to a tour of Beaver Metals following the comments on facebook about the smells in the village during the night.  She reported that Beaver Metals had assured them that they do not work during the night and are not carrying out any burning.  Cllr Reilly is still trying to establish the source of the night time burning and will report back at the next meeting.  She advised that Beaver Metals had extended an invitation to the Parish Council to visit the works.  Cllr Robinson said this was an excellent idea and the council will take them up on the invitation.  Cllr Macdonald updated the meeting on the Covid-19 volunteer group.  They would be continuing their work beyond the 31st July and would be requiring some funds. She asked if the council would consider making a contribution to the fund which she and Cllr Reilly had started by donating £1000 each.  It was suggested that the clerk send a grant application form to Cllr Macdonald to complete and the application would be considered at the next meeting.

293. To receive an update from the HR Committee  It was with deepest regret that Cllr B O’Meara reported that the Caretaker/Cleaner for the pavilion had been served his notice of redundancy.  His leaving date will be 31st July 2020.  Owing to the council’s previous decision to extend the closure of the Pavilion to 1st April 2021, the council had made the difficult decision to serve the redundancy.  Cllr B O’Meara advised that as the remaining employees had not had appraisals, this would be addressed during the next few weeks by the HR committee.

294. To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan  Cllr Bevan advised that draft paper copies of the NP had been distributed in the village. There had been no objections so far.  He advised that the first formal draft of the document would be ready to be approved by the council at the next parish council meeting.  This can then be sent to NWBC planning.                

295. To receive an update from the maintenance committee including the playground equipment. Quotes for the repairs to the play equipment were presented.  Proposed by Cllr Bevan, Seconded by Cllr B O’Meara and Resolved to accept the quote of £1316.00 for the repairs to the play equipment on The Green and the Playing Feld.  Cllr Robinson gave a detailed report of the repairs and replacements of the bus shelters within the village. The council discussed the request from the resident who had suggested a tarmac path be laid on the playing field along the hedgerow of Vicarage Lane. The council agreed there was already a right of way along the grass of the playing field, that it was not within the budget and that it would not be necessary.

296. Update report on HS2  Cllr Robinson reported that work was progressing from the enabling work stage to putting sites together.  He advised that the SMZ committee (Special Management Zone), continued to question HS2 on various issues, including why the trees and vegetation had been removed from Faraday Roundabout.  HS2 did not know the reasons for this and would report back to the SMZ.  HS2 had been asked for more clarity on road closures, requesting a plan of road closures and how long the closures would last.  Cllr Robinson advised that the SMZ had requested that extended road closure notices should not be issued if not required.  HS2 could not give a reason as to why the A446 works were taking so long, but traffic interruption should end soon.  Cllr Robinson emphasised the SMZ are questioning and pressurising HS2 and ensuring that they are being listened to.

297. To discuss the problem of Fly-tipping in the village and surrounding areas.  Cllr Bevan expressed his concerns on the amount of fly-tipping in the village.  It was agreed the clerk would arrange for posters to be printed and details of reporting fly-tipping would be included in the next issue of The Bridge and the Coleshill Post.  It was suggested working with Coleshill Town Council as the surrounding areas affected was within their boundary.

298. Financial Matters

To approve electronic and future payment of invoices

a. It was Proposed by Cllr B O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Rees and Resolved to approve the payment of invoices

b. To arrange a meeting to review the council’s priorities for spending for 2021/22 The clerk advised the council that, due to the pandemic and the impact this may have during the next financial year, a meeting should be arranged to review future council spending.  It was agreed a meeting would be arranged for early September.

c. To receive a report on the cost of purchasing and emptying dog bins. The clerk advised that there are 15 dog bins in the village.  The annual cost for emptying is £2020.20.  To purchase and install a new bin costs £500.00 + the annual cost of emptying.

d. To consider the council supply poo bags free of charge. The clerk reported that bag dispensers were £79.00 each + the cost of posts and installation. Poo bags are £26.00 for 800.  The council agreed that this expense did not form part of the budget for this year and that dog owners should be responsible for buying their own poo bags.

299                  Items for next agenda

To consider the by-laws regarding Dogs in public spaces – Cllr Rees

To consider the uses of the adopted telephone kiosk on Coleshill Road

300   Correspondence The clerk advised that a young group footballers had asked if they would be able to hire the football pitch for league matches.  The council all agreed that they could.

Notice for the removal of the telephone box on Birmingham Road had been received with the option of the council adopting it.  The council were in agreement not to adopt the kiosk as it wasn’t an original red box.

301. To exclude the public and press

It was proposed, seconded and approved to exclude the public and press for the following items.

a. To receive an update on the options concerning obtaining land in the village. Cllr Robinson advised that progress was being made with a number of parties over land which may be available to the parish council.  He was confident that he would be able to give a more detailed report at the next meeting

b. To receive an update on the options regarding the council’s building assets. Cllr Robinson reported that he and Cllrs Bevan and C O’Meara had met with representatives of the Company of the Curtain regarding the Green Room.  He advised that they were planning on making some changes to the building having received a grant.  The Company of the Curtain would be sending through their proposals in due course.


The meeting closed at 9.45pm