You are invited to the Meeting of the Parish Council to be held at the Pavilion, Openfield Croft on Thursday 29th July 2021 at 6.30pm when the following issues will be considered.  The official meeting will start at 6.45pm or at the conclusion of the public forum, whichever is sooner. Please ensure you are present by 6.25pm.  Public and Press welcome

Signature   D J Robinson            Clerk to the Council                            Date: 23.07.21


  1.  Chairman’s Remarks
  2. Apologies for absence and reasons given
  3. Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation on items to be discussed.
  4. Report from Police
  5. To receive an update from Hs2.
  6. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th June 2021.
  7. To approve the minutes of the HR & Finance meeting held on 22nd July 2021.
  8. To approve delegated powers to the Finance Committee regarding item HRF.4 concerning a request from Cllr Macdonald to provide funds up to £1000 for the Street Accreditation contractor employed for the landscaping of the memorial site.
  9. To discuss the exercise classes taking place on the Green and agree on what action needs to be taken.
  10. Clerk’s Report
  11. To receive reports from Borough and County Councillors
  12. To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan
  13. To receive an update from the maintenance committee including the Playground equipment and consider the purchase of a new See Saw for the play area on the Playing Field.
  14. To receive a report from the Play Equipment Project Working Group.
  15. To consider the request from Cllrs Reilly & Macdonald to help to cover the surveyor’s costs for resident’s properties on Attleboro Lane.
  16. Financial Matters
    a) To approve the amendment on Min. ref 28a. To remove the payments from the 24th June 2021 agenda payment list for Salaries, NIC & PAYE and Pension for June and to added to the payment list for Agenda 29th July 2021.
    b) To approve electronic and future invoice payments
    c) To receive an update on financial matters
    d) To approve in principle to pay half the costs for the installation of a CCTV Camera at the Tennis Club.

Item 44b

Payee Payment Type Invoice no. Details Total
P Bellis BACS V275 Cord For Strimmer £10.00
Hyperbole Ltd BACS 1238 Website administration – June £120.00
Whitehouse Electrical BACS 1700938 Pat testing £75.00
Chubb BACS 8761143 Service on fire extinguishers WOBC £135.13
Stocksigns -DR BACS 210549 CCTV Signs £63.54
Emporium -DB BACS V277 Hi Vis Jacket £25.00
Glasdon BACS 818636 Replacement liner for litter bin £65.75
Wilko – DR BACS V278 Copier Paper £5.00
D Robinson BACS V292 Working from home exp.  A/M/J/J 2021 £64.00
Zoom – DR BACS 46819/V281 Monthly payment for Zoom service £14.39
Croner BACS 411986 HR Service July £146.89
Opus Energy DD 70729832 Electricity for the pavilion – May £46.22
Staff BACS V271/72/73 Salaries, PAYE & NIC for June 2021 £2199.12
Nest DD V289 Pension £40.15
NWBC DD Garage Rent – July £34.00
Staff BACS V284/5/6/7/8 Salaries, PAYE &NIC for July 2021 £2609.62
B & Q – KD BACS V279 Materials for installing litter bins £30.13
BT DD M003 IM Broadband for pavilion £15.00
Opus Energy DD 70729832 Electricity for pavilion – June £27.91
Open Spaces Society BACS V291 Membership fee £45.00
Amazon – DR BACS 79488/V281 Ink Cartridge £12.99
B & Q – KD BACS V282 Balast for weighing down Litter bins £7.26
Geoxphere BACS 032-0003 Parish Online annual fee £226.80
Amazon – DR BACS 95213 – V283 Sledgehammer £23.99
Net World Sports – DR BACS V283 Reel Tape Measure + Delivery £24.94
Amazon – DR BACS 7579 – V283 5 in 1 Petrol Multi Tool £199.99
Coleshill Tool – DB BACS V290 Strimmer Cord £9.90
NWBC BACS 5934419 Ground maintenance £2901.02