You are invited to an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council to be held at the Pavilion, Openfield Croft on Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 7.00pm when the following issues will be considered.  The official meeting will start at 7.15pm or at the conclusion of the public forum, whichever is sooner.


Public Participation (maximum 15 minutes) – Residents of Water Orton are welcome to comment on any of the items on the agenda.

Signature: Phillip Robinson      Parish Council Chairman                         Date:  03.11.21 


  1. Chairman’s Remarks
  2. Apologies for absence and reasons given
  3. Declaration of interests and requests for dispensation on items to be discussed.
  4. To increase understanding among Parish Councillors as to the operation of the school.
  5. To detail the aims and objectives of the school in relation to school improvement, community engagement and fundraising.  
  6. To seek approval for councillors either named or generically to act as liaison with the school, its governors and stakeholder organisations with a view to explore and investigate areas for potential collaboration, areas where work may tessellate and also identify where possible conflicts / duplications of effort can be avoided. 
  7. To gain a clear understanding of what delegated authority representatives from the council may have.