Public Agenda. 25.01.2024.1

Summons Agenda.

(Appendix 1)-Draft-Minutes-30.11.23_

(Appendix 2) Draft Finance Committee Minutes.04.01.2024.1

(Appendix 3) Agendan Item-Access to Park-Playing Fields  (Appendix 3a) Email from Cllr Nattasha Freeman to Cllr Martin Watson (Appendix 3b)-Response to Martin Watson. County Highways 27.11.23

( Appendix 4) Report -St Thomas Dole

(Appendix 5) Email-HeritageCultural Society.12.12.2023

(Appendix 6)-Agenda Item-Carnival_

(Appendix 7)-Quotation-Greyhound Leisure Limited.30.12.2023 (Appendix 7a) Email. Greyhound Leisure. 30.12.2023

(Appendix 8) Payment Schedule-December 2023_

(Appendix 9)Payment Schedule-19 January 2024

(Appendix 10) Accounts Summary-November 2023

(Appendix 11a ) Bank Reconcilliation – 31 December 2023

(Appendix 12)-Accounts Summary-19 January 2024(Appendix 12a-All Bank Accounts-Reconcilliation-19 January 2024

(Appendix 13a)-Explanatory Notes and Queries for Budget Review-January 24(Appendix 13b)-Letter-Precept Requirements(Appendix 13-Budget Review-January 2024

(Appendix 14)- Clerk”s Report.1

(Appendix 15 )- Review WCC ROWIP. Water Orton PC(Appendix 15a)-Email-Warwickshire Rights of Way Improvement Plan_(Appendix 15b) -WCC Rights of Way Improvement Plan Parish Survey

(Appendix 16)-Email – Water Orton Conservation Area Appraisal Management Plan and Boundary Consultation (Appendix 16a) Water Orton Conservation Area Appraisal Management Plan

(Appendix 17) – Develop Warwickshire Letter) (Appendix 17a)-Plan (Appendix 17b)-Plan_

(Appendix 18)-Agenda Item-Annual Gathering -May

(Appendix 19)-Agenda Item-Working Group-Development of disused telephone box

(Appendix 20)-Agenda Item-Councillor Discretionary Fund (Appendix 20b)-Tai Chi Discs-Quote (Appendix 20c)-Tai Chi-Manual -Instuctions (Appendix 20d)-Tai Chi Installation Manual Appendix 20a) -Tai Chi Discs-Quote