Minutes of Meeting January 2020


Present: Cllrs. Robinson (Chair) Bevan, C. O’Meara, B O’Meara, Hailstone, Lee

Clerk:      Daphne Robinson

B C J Macdonald, John Warren, 20 Members of the public

Representatives for the construction of HS2 – Andy de Bell, Hayden Wright, Chris Humphries

Presentation from Representatives for the construction of HS2

Mr Andy de Bell – Community Engagement Manager gave an update on the change of design for the HS2 railway running through Water Orton.  He explained that instead of the line running through a cutting, the Bromford Tunnel would be extended and therefore the line would go through a tunnel instead of overland.  He explained that this will reduce cost, reduce construction vehicles travelling through the village and have a lesser impact on the landscape.  Maps of the change and the routes for construction traffic were presented. The Notice to proceed Was expected to be issued by the end of March 2020 and full details would be issued after March.  Mr de Bell advised that two events would be taking place in Water Orton on Saturday 25thJanuary at The Link and Monday 27th January at the School.  Residents were advised to attend the events to enable them to look at the details more closely and ask any questions.

Cllr Robinson thanked the gentlemen for attending the meeting.

198.Chairmans Report

Cllr Robinson expressed his concern on the state of the village.  The potholes, grass verges and fly tipping.  He said the council would be dealing with these issues and working with other authorities.  Measures were already being taken to deal with the fly tipping.  He reported that CCTV cameras would be installed in certain areas especially where fly tipping was taking place.  Anyone caught would be prosecuted.

With regards to the grass verges, he acknowledged that the wet weather has not helped but parking on the grass verges was not acceptable.  Again, measures would be taken to prevent this.  He explained that with more construction vehicles expected through the village, if verges where not protected, then these vehicles are likely to churn the verges up.


Cllr. C Chown – personal reasons, CC & BC Dave Reilly – attending another meeting

200.Declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest.

201.To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 27th November 2019

Proposed by Cllr. Lee, Seconded by Cllr B O’Meara and Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 6th November 2019 be approved.

202.Matters arising from the minutes

There were no matters arising.

203.To receive reports from the Borough and Count Councillor.

Cllr Macdonald was in attendance at the start of the meeting but had to leave prior

To reaching this item.

204.To receive a report on the Playground Equipment

With Cllr Chown absent there was no report.

205.To receive a report on the Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Bevan advised the first public meeting to launch the Neighbourhood Plan had been held at the Cricket Club and attendance was very good and very positive.  A number of residents had come forward to volunteer to be on the working group to help in producing the plan.  This would be known as the ‘Governance Group’ The first meeting would be held on Tuesday 28th January 2020.

206.To receive a report from the maintenance committee

Cllr Robinson advised the car park was now complete.  He explained the gravel area is an eco drain system and encouraged users to park on the area so that the gravel would pack down.  Once there was a solid surface the contractors would come back and remove any excess gravel.  Cllr Robinson advised that the bollards at the edge of the car park and playing field were in need of being replaced.  The cost of replacing bollards either with concrete ones or other materials appeared to be expensive and the cost of hooped fencing was being looked into.  Cllr Robinson advised that a new electric hand dryer had been installed in the disable toilet, as when the drains were being installed, it was found that paper towels had been flushed down the toilet which had been causing the drains to get blocked.  The intruder alarm system has been upgraded and is now linked with the fire alarm.  There was some remedial work to be carried out on the roof.  One of the window shutters had been repaired and all the shutters had been serviced.

207.To receive a report from the personnel committee

Cllr B O’Meara reported that a meeting had been held with Nathan Smith where he had been advised that his contracted hours would be reduced from 18 to 10 effective from 2nd February 2020.  It was explained that the reason for this was that weekly regular users now had keys and were opening and closing up themselves. Also, the duties he was carrying out during the time the council did not have a clerk were now being carried out by the clerk.

208.To discuss the grass verges on Birmingham Road.

As previously mentioned by Cllr Robinson the grass verges on the Birmingham Road are a disgrace.  After some discussion it was decided that the council would contact highways and arrange a meeting to decide how to solve the problem.  It was raised by a resident of the ‘White City’ that grass verges around the estate were not taken into consideration and that the residents committee were not consulted.  Cllr Bevan said that he and another member of the public would visit the White City to see what needs to be addressed.

209.To consider the quote from Croner regarding HR matters

The quotation from Croner had previously been circulated to all councillors.  Cllr. C O’Meara had taken it to work and given it to his HR department for their opinion.  He reported that they believed it to be a very good service for the cost.

It was Proposed by Cllr Bevan, Seconded by Cllr C O’Meara and Resolved (unanimously) to accept the quote from Croner.

210.To consider the planting of a memory tree.

Cllr B O’Meara explained the concept of a memory tree.  A tree is planted and people are encouraged to write messages in memory of a loved one on tags which are then laminated and tied to the tree.  The tags would be a standard tag purchased from an agreed source so that they were all the same.  It was noted that the Water Orton Action Group had already thought of this and would be considering it at their next meeting.  WOAG would report back to the council

211.To consider the date and format of the Annual Parish Assembly.

It was agreed the Annual Parish Assembly would be held at the pavilion on Saturday 16th May 2020 at 11.00am to 1.00pm.  It would follow the same format as last year.  The clerk would contact groups and organisations in the village to ask if they would like to do a presentation to promote their activities.  Refreshments after the meeting would be provided by the council.

212.Financial Matters

a. To agree the precept for 2020/21

The clerk explained that the council had agreed the budget for 2020/21 and that the precept had been calculated as £67078.00, an increase of 1.9% on last year.  

It was Proposed by Cllr B O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Hailstone and Resolved to approve the precept for 2020/21 of £67078.00

b. To agree to financially support the proposed Ring & Ride free bus service.

All councillors believed this to be service that would be beneficial to many residents.

Cllr. Robinson explained that a contribution of £2000 had been budgeted for in the next financial year for this service.  It would be a one-off payment to cover a 16 month contract. It was Proposed by Cllr Hailstone, Seconded by Cllr Lee and Resolved (unanimously) to contribute £2000 to the Ring & Ride free bus service

c. To approve the automated payments and future payments

Proposed by Cllr C. O’Meara, Seconded by Cllr Hailstone and Resolved to approve the automated and future payments  

213.Correspondence – To consider the request from the family of Derek Sellars to install a bench in his and Pauls’ memory on The Green

The clerk reported that Derek’s nephew had emailed to ask if the council would approve the installation of a bench in memory of his uncle and Paul.  All costs would be met by Derek’s family. All councillors agreed this was an excellent idea and unanimously supported the request.